Asset Management for Bing Maps API

Bing Maps integrated in asset management solutions helps organizations make smarter day-to-day decisions to boost efficiency, effectiveness and reduce costs, as well as protect high value assets and ensure safety compliance. Bing Maps, as the visualization layer in asset management solutions, delivers graphic and intuitive access to the data required to manage business-critical assets effectively. Every company that has a fleet of vehicles or mobile workforce can benefit from better utilization of assets to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

CRM and field management solutions that integrate Bing Maps asset management provide greater insight into the data businesses need to plan, optimize and monitor behaviors and mission critical assets. Overlaying asset locations, routes and business-based stats can drive better performance such as timely response to service requests, get the right resource to every job, decrease fuel expenditures through better route planning and facilitate regulatory compliance efforts. Layering additional data like real-time weather, traffic and road conditions result in fewer disruptions, and faster, more responsive resource deployment.


Why Bing Maps:

Enterprise-grade Support

24/7 enterprise-level service and support at no additional charge, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a dedicated Technical Solutions Specialist who can assist in answering in-depth development questions.

Developer Tools

Easy to use API and Services that often take less code and time to develop application solutions.

Multiple Browser and Device Support

The Bing Maps platform is fully supported on all major browsers and mobile devices. Higher pixel density imagery can be automatically enabled when loading a map on a higher-resolution screen.

Imagery and Mapping API

Bing Maps partners with best-in-class data providers to provide stunning imagery, world-class maps and access control solutions.

Multiple Culture Support

Bing Maps provides support for more than 100 languages and cultures, and many of these can also be used to change the labels on the maps.

Strong Developer Community

Bing Maps has a strong developer community who have built excellent tools that can be used to enhance the functionality of Bing Maps.


Plan Ahead

Bing Maps helps organizations plan better utilization of assets to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. Utilizing Bing Maps, businesses are able to plan their local asset management – how best to position resources, identify effective routes and maintain compliance with transport laws.

Route Optimization Image

Traffic and weather situations that might delay deliveries can be predicted with more accuracy by overlaying additional data points from road sensors, traffic cameras, road signs and construction signs. Decision makers can finesse real time adjustments to ensure more on-time deliveries, increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring that SLAs are met. By planning ahead for these and other contingencies, Bing Maps helps businesses make more efficient, better informed business decisions.


Optimize Operational Effectiveness

Streamline and improve operations with location specific information pinpointing assets, customers, field resources and service requests. By integrating Bing Maps into your mobile asset management solution, decision makers can view assets and resources in real time in relation to customer requests and changes in delivery schedules.

Real Time Data Image

Empower Employees Bing Maps enables visibility into workforce and asset locations so the right resources can be deployed to every job, resulting in more efficient and responsive operations.

Ensure Safety Overlay roadside data to convey the best and safest travel routes for your resources and assets and enhance your ability to protect assets during emergencies.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction Insights into customer requests and resource locations can improve timely response to service requests and customers.


Monitor Assets

Monitor Assets Image

Bing Maps provides visibility into driver behavior, geo-fences, asset location and SLA performance statistics to protect high value assets, ensure safety compliance and increase customer satisfaction.

Businesses are able to track assets, perform calculations, generate alerts, display objects on a map or as input into a business workflow application to better determine the last known position of employees and high value assets.

By effectively monitoring an asset's operating condition, effective preventive maintenance strategies can be implemented. Additionally, decision makers can plan maintenance around capacity changes such as seasonal rushes.

Monitoring reports and alerts on speed, servicing, routes taken versus optimum, can help create awareness to improve driver behavior and route efficiency.


Case Studies

Software company uses mapping capabilities to protect law enforcement officers and citizens: Software Company, IncaX, uses Bing Maps as part of its CopTrax solution, which streams live video from a police officer’s vehicle or body camera and stores it in the cloud. To better pinpoint officers’ locations and reconstruct details of police activity, IncaX incorporated mapping into its solution. Now, IncaX law enforcement customers use CopTrax to make more informed day-to-day decisions, reduce IT administration, and respond more quickly to critical incidents.

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Solutions from Microsoft

Bing Maps provides seamless integration with Microsoft® software including Windows 10, Power BI, SharePoint, SQL Server, Dynamics and Office, as well as external data feeds and third-party software. Bing Maps is a flexible platform with tools designed for rapid application development and low upfront investment. Customers who deploy Bing Maps have the ability to work with a robust ecosystem of partners around the world who are ready to help strategize, build and implement solutions.


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