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Bing Maps for Enterprise

Maps that drive business intelligence

In an era where the boundaries between the physical and the digital worlds are blurred, location and map data is becoming increasingly important for businesses. APIs like V8 Web Control help enterprises use mapping more efficiently to derive more meaningful data and even visualize it better. Businesses can analyze this data to identify consumer patterns and make impactful decisions with it, turning spatial data into business intelligence.  


Integration with business apps

Bing Maps API enables data visualization that integrates with business apps like Powerpoint, Excel, Sharepoint, and Dynamics to allow organizations to analyze data holistically while making data accessible across apps and platforms. Mapping integration with multiple apps empowers enterprises with efficiency, reducing coding and opening up avenues for progress. Developers can further use the Universal Windows Platform to create customized client applications for Windows, which means organizations aren’t locked into an app ecosystem.


Meaningful data, meaningful decisions

Data visualization helps businesses assess their areas of strength and where they could do better, as well as opportunities down the line. For example, a retail chain could use consumption pattern maps and location data to find potential new areas for business expansion. 

As a business intelligence dashboard, Bing Maps assists workers as well as executives. CRM, production, and fleet management data gives employees insight into business processes and can be used to improve productivity. Features like the Truck Routing API actively help logistics employees avoid dangerous routes and congested roads.


Monitor your performance

Enterprises use Bing Maps to actively compare their current performance against their projected performance using mapping and data visualization. Spatial data improves business intelligence by allowing businesses to chart KPIs like sales and losses on thematic maps and custom overlays. Map styles like heat maps make it easy for businesses to identify their pain points and create stronger strategies for the future.


Powered by Microsoft

Bing Maps API is backed by the Microsoft ecosystem, forming a robust platform that enterprise developers can use with ease for a low investment. Seamless integration of location data between Microsoft software like Power BI, Sharepoint, and Office coupled with third-party tools makes Bing Maps easy to work with for businesses that have multiple branches across large distances. 

A dedicated support team is on standby to help enterprise developers with anything they might need, whether that’s basic questions or complex API issues. Smaller enterprises that might have fewer resources devoted to mapping software can work with a Microsoft partner that will help them create customized mapping solutions tailored to their particular business needs and goals.


Scale up

Contact sales to create an Enterprise license and start scaling up your business with intelligent data today.

Six ways Bing Maps help customers make better business decisions across their organization:

Marketing Performance
Inform field and marketing decisions with apps that analyze spend by location, compare store locations with competitors, or identify underserved markets.

Business Opportunity and Risk Analysis
Provide in-depth information on demographics, infrastructure, and other relevant data to inform capital investment decisions.

Supply Chain Management
Create transparent production and distribution lines from suppliers to customers, and help companies anticipate factors that may affect delivery schedules.

Mobile Asset Management
Monitor the development of critical needs and track the availability of assets from multiple sources. Learn more about asset management with Bing Maps.

Service Performance
Map customers, resources, and service requests to make effective operational decisions that enhance quality, improve efficiency and lower costs.

Customer and Constituent Portals and Applications
Engage your audience and bring locations to life with interactive maps in web portals and Windows 10 apps.

Bing Maps for Enterprise

Get started building powerful location-based applications and experiences with Microsoft’s Bing Maps Platform. Start building for free with a Basic Key or contact our sales team.


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