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CRM and Bing Maps Location Services

Why should you integrate your CRM services with Bing Maps for Enterprise? Statistics show that 80% of business data has a geospatial component, and Bing Maps for Enterprise makes it easy for organizations to visualize, understand and interpret their CRM data in context of its location, to help you make smarter business decisions.

Customer relationship management, enterprise resource management, supply chain management, fleet and asset management are all business functions which benefit from visualizing data in relationship to location. Bing Maps integrated with CRM line-of-business applications enables organizations to view business-critical data in the context of time and place.

Deeper insight empowers better decisions.


Improve Planning Capability

Layering CRM services data on Bing Maps enables organizations to map their sales accounts, leads and opportunities to customer demographics, market conditions and competitive intelligence. Visualizing the data in a location context provides decision makers the insight required to set goals in relation to market potential and align their resources to take advantage of opportunities.

Having the capability to visually analyze business activity enables enterprises to monitor performance and identify opportunities that may remain hidden in rows and columns without geographic context. Thematic mapping using Bing Maps’ location services makes it easier for organizations to target fertile regions, capitalize on geographic trends and make smart planning decisions. Targeted mapping views can show enterprises where their business is thriving, where opportunities are present, and where new strategies may be needed.

Six ways Bing Maps help customers make better business decisions across their organization:

Marketing Performance
Inform field and marketing decisions with apps that analyze spend by location, compare store locations with competitors, or identify underserved markets.

Business Opportunity and Risk Analysis
Provide in-depth information on demographics, infrastructure, and other relevant data to inform capital investment decisions.

Supply Chain Management
Create transparent production and distribution lines from suppliers to customers, and help companies anticipate factors that may affect delivery schedules.

Mobile Asset Management
Monitor the development of critical needs and track the availability of assets from multiple sources. Learn more about asset management with Bing Maps.

Service Performance
Map customers, resources, and service requests to make effective operational decisions that enhance quality, improve efficiency and lower costs.

Customer and Constituent Portals and Applications
Engage your audience and bring locations to life with interactive maps in web portals and Windows 10 apps.

Optimize Performance

Bing Map’s location services enables enterprises to instantly map their customers, field resources and service requests to provide more efficient response rates, reduce down-time and lower operations expenses.

Enterprises are able to integrate multiple data sources such as CRM data, as well as third party data such as demographics to track and manage organizational resources for improved service levels and overall business performance.

The visual representation of data helps organizations make smart operational decisions that enhance quality, optimize efficiency and lower costs.

CRM Location Services

Monitor Results

Organizations face an ever-expanding volume of data to consider when making decisions. This data is often complex, stored in tabular or textual formats, where geographic context can easily be overlooked. When data is overlaid on a map, organizations can chart their sales results and other KPIs by location. Using thematic maps, enterprises are able to visualize their CRM data such as customers, leads and demographics for better geo-targeting. The integrated data enables organizations to capture service requests, obtain map-driven feedback, identify underperformance and compare performance to potential.

Enterprises can monitor and forecast customer needs and behaviors by visualizing and customer attributes and purchasing patterns by location. This information enables better anticipation of inventory needs, resource allocation and potential sales revenues. Bing Maps overlaid with CRM data can help organizations build stronger customer connections today and make better-informed strategic decisions for the future.

Solutions from Microsoft

Bing Maps provides seamless integration with Microsoft® software including Windows 10, Power BI, SharePoint, SQL Server, Dynamics and Office, as well as external data feeds and third-party software. Bing Maps is a flexible platform with tools designed for rapid application development and low upfront investment. Customers who deploy Bing Maps have the ability to work with a robust ecosystem of partners around the world who are ready to help strategize, build and implement solutions.

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CRM Location Services