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Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API

The Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API is a REST service that automates the process of building itineraries, including routes for multiple locations and agents (e.g. delivery drivers, sales representatives, repair technicians, etc.). The mapping API accomplishes this while also optimizing the routes among all agents to reduce operational costs and efficiently deliver services to your customers.

Whether you’re a small or large organization with a fleet of drivers, mobile salesforce, or a team of personnel in the field, the Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API can help maximize workforce efficiency and performance by effectively planning and optimizing resources.


A single route optimization API for automated itineraries

Manually dispatching one agent to stop at multiple locations or coordinating multiple agents to stop at multiple locations on a route can be time-consuming when taking into account additional variables, such as traffic conditions, time windows, number of agents and agent shift schedules, multi-day routes, priority of stops, and more.

Developed using the Bing Maps Distance Matrix API with predictive traffic and cutting-edge route optimization algorithms to minimize travel times and distances, the Multi-Itinerary Optimization API is an enterprise grade schedule optimization service for a wide range of industries and use cases, such as:

Multi-Itinerary Optimization API
Figure 1

  • Retail, Wholesale and Distribution
  • Transportation/Shuttles
  • Mail, Package and Food Deliveries
  • Waste Collection
  • Medical and Homecare
  • Field Sales and Agents
  • Home Maintenance and Inspection Services
  • And more!

Inefficient planning can cost a company valuable time and resources. For example, a restaurant inspection business can schedule its five restaurant work orders by looking at a map to manually optimize the route. With the Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API, automated route planning optimizations can be ready within minutes, with a detailed response in JSON or XML, for each start and end-time along the route.

Another scenario involves the complex task of routing multiple agents to multiple locations, such as a delivery service. There are many variables in this type of use case, including:

  • Multiple delivery stops
  • Time windows when the customer is available,
  • Different priorities for each of the stops,
  • Multiple delivery agents with different shifts,
  • Traffic conditions,
  • Travel time between stops,
  • How long the delivery is expected to take

For example, a courier service needs to deliver packages to 75 locations within the specified delivery windows. The Multi-Itinerary Optimization API’s input parameters assist in setting accurate and reliable schedules for routes between multiple delivery drivers, including drivers starting from different distribution centers.

Figure 1 is a visual of these 75 delivery locations color coded on a map, to show how the API optimizes routes by grouping each agent’s deliveries within minutes, as opposed to manually determining which agent should deliver to which location. This is especially useful if you need to insert additional deliveries into the schedule and ensure all deliveries are completed on that same day.

Features and Capabilities

  • This API automates route optimization between multiple agents, locations (waypoints), shifts, and varying time windows.
  • Basic key supports up to 3 agents and 20 waypoints per call. Enterprise key supports up to 10 agents and 100 waypoints per call.
  • Input Parameters:
    • Agent (Name, shifts)
    • Agent Shift (StartTime, EndTime, StartLocation (optional), EndLocation (optional))
    • ItineraryItem (Name, OpeningTime(optional), ClosingTime (optional), DwellTime (optional), Priority (optional), Location)
    • Type (Simple Request, TrafficRequest)
    • CostValue (TravelTime, Distance)
  • GET and POST requests are supported
  • Locations can be passed in as coordinates or addresses
  • Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous calls (Asynchronous is ideal or large computationally intensive requests)
  • The response format is JSON or XML
  • Coverage is supported in all countries where Bing Maps supports routing services, except China, Japan and South Korea.

Bing Maps Fleet and Logistics API Solutions

The Multi-Itinerary Optimization API is a part of the Bing Maps API Routing Services portfolio. Check out our robust set of geospatial API services and solutions for enhanced fleet management, routing for multiple locations, vehicle tracking, and more:

  • Truck Routing API – Determine travel routes that take into consideration a truck or commercial vehicle’s attributes.
  • Distance Matrix API – Calculate travel times and distance in many-to-many scenarios, with an optional histogram to predict traffic.
  • Isochrone API – Provides time-specific isochrones, given the area that can be reach in the time and space criteria.
  • Snap to Road API – Snap the path to the most logical path, using the vehicles GPS trace, as well as returns road attributes, such as speed limit and elevation.

Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API helps organizations optimize routing:

Improved Performance and ROI:

Optimized routing that helps efficiently plan your routes more effectively, saving time, money, and improving customer satisfaction.

Business Opportunities
  • Automated planning
  • Accurate on-time scheduling
  • Maximize opportunities and resources
Fleet and Asset Management
  • Effectively plan resources to improve CRM and ROI

Get Started

The Multi-Itinerary Optimization API uses billable transactions. If you have a Bing Maps key, review the Multi-Optimization API documentation to learn more and start developing your solution. If you don’t have a Bing Maps key, create a Bing Maps account and create a key to authenticate your application. Then follow the documentation to start developing your solution. For Licensing questions, contact a Bing Maps Sales Specialist.

Learn More

Explore the following resources to learn more about the Bing Maps Multi-Optimization API:

Contact your Microsoft Reseller or visit our website for licensing advice.

Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API

Optimized routing that helps efficiently plan your routes more effectively, saving time, money, and improving customer satisfaction.


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