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Powering Geospatial Innovation

The HTML5 canvas grid map feature powers customizable maps that render quickly. Integrate maps into your web application with Javascript or TypeScript, the choice is yours.

Touch Support

Easily navigate with a touch-screen device, mouse or keyboard


Visualize the density of data points as a heatmap


Explore 360-degree imagery from street level

Animated Tile Layers

Overlay image data as a tile layer

Real-Time Traffic Data

Real-time traffic and predictive route calculations

Beautiful city

Do more than ever

V8 Web Control offers a seamless experience for both businesses and end users alike. Leverage location data for an unparalleled web map experience that enables intelligent and meaningful data visualizations. Developers barely have to lift a finger to scale small, simple maps to enterprise-level experiences, and getting started for beginners could not be easier with an interactive SDK and over 200+ full samples available on GitHub.


An API for everything

Bing Maps V8 Web Control is loaded with useful new features that redefine how users interact with maps and how businesses utilize geospatial mapping with location information to gain meaningful insights into consumer behavior.

Provides suggestions dynamically as you type a location in a search box. Developers can easily integrate this feature with their apps using the Autosuggest API.

Visualize large sets of pushpins, by having overlapping pushpins group and ungroup automatically as users change zoom level.

GeoJSON Support
Easily import and export GeoJSON data, one of the most common file formats used for sharing and storing spatial data. Developers will find the compact file sizes perfect for creating web applications that load quickly.

Easily import and export common spatial XML file formats such as KML, KMZ, GeoRSS, GML (via GeoRSS) and GPX.

Visualize the density of data points as a heatmap, and visualize it on an easily scalable grid powered by HTML5 canvas.

Streetside imagery
Explore 360-degrees of street-level imagery, featuring high-resolution visuals fueled by LiDAR data for map experiences that pull the user in.

Touch support
Bing Maps is versatile, with intuitive navigation both through mouse and keyboard or through touch screen devices.

Spatial Math module
V8 Web Control cuts down lengthy web site development times by including commonly used spatial math calculations for mapping including calculating the distance between locations, or creating Voronoi diagrams.

Administrative boundary data
Use the efficient GeoData API to accurately retrieve boundary information between different states, countries, and postal codes.

Road Maps Styles
Help your data stand out with canvasDark, canvasLight, grayscale, and customizable map styles.

Real-time traffic
Real-time traffic and predictive route calculations, as well as traffic overlay of color coded roads to indicate real-time traffic flow. Incredibly useful for fleet tracking operations involving thousands of agents.

Multiple Map Support
Easily integrate multiple lightweight maps with a single web page, retaining fast load times.

Data Binning Module
Group point data into a symmetric grid of geometric shapes, with a DataBinningLayer class which effortlessly converts pushpin arrays into data bins.

Contour Module
Visualize data such as earthquake intensities and temperatures using a module that identifies data points sharing similar characteristics. Developers will find this module useful for applying geospatial data to disaster mapping and even for pattern recognition.

High Contrast Support
Display a high contrast version of road maps, making your web pages more accessible to a wider audience.

Animated Tile Layers
Use location data to create engaging, animated web maps that update actively as data comes in.

TypeScript Definitions
Import official TypeScript definitions for V8 Web Control to minimize errors, it even allows developers to reference different Map APIs and import them quickly, speeding up development times.



Competitive edge

Bing Maps V8 Web Control uses the HTML5 canvas to allow developers to create fast rendering maps on grids with customizable dimensions. High resolution and user-friendly mapping features mean both consumers and web developers get more out of their experience.



Get Started with Bing Maps V8

Using all that V8 Web Control has to offer is easy, even for beginners. Get started by creating a key and you’ll be able to start creating immersive experiences right away.

Bing Maps

Interactive SDK

Making maps development easy

Developers can learn and grow actively with a fun and interactive SDK that guides you through development, including data visualization and a range of Bing Maps APIs. Make the most of editable code samples to create compelling geospatial mapping experiences.

The only limit is your imagination.


Have more questions about Bing Maps V8 Web Control? Check out the questions below or contact sales for more information about building interactive mapping into your applications.

The Bing Maps V8 Web Control, Microsoft’s modern web mapping platform, is an application control for building web and mobile applications using JavaScript or TypeScript, that are designed to make business intelligence and data visualization richer and more interactive. The Bing Maps V8 Web Control is built from the ground up with backwards compatibility to the core features of its predecessor, the Bing Maps V7 AJAX Control.

Bing Maps offers flexible pricing and licensing options ranging from stand-alone licenses, Azure-based licenses, and volume license options for existing Microsoft customers. To help decide on the best way to license Bing Maps visit the Licensing Page or Learn more about Bing Maps.

Using the main released version of an SDK is ideal for most applications, but sometimes you just can’t wait for the latest and greatest features, while at other times you are willing to wait longer for features when stability is a top priority, such as in mission critical apps. With the Bing Maps V8 Control, we have three versions (called branches) of the SDK; Experimental, Release and Frozen.

The Experimental branch is updated with new features as soon as they pass an internal code review by the Bing Maps team. These features haven’t been heavily tested and may contain bugs.

The Release branch of the SDK would be the standard version that would be used in applications. After new features have been thoroughly tested in the Experimental branch they graduate to the Release branch. These features should be stable, but there is still the possibility of bug or two.

After a feature has been in the Release branch and any identified bugs have been corrected, it graduates to the Frozen branch. It may take some features months to move from the Experimental branch to the Frozen branch, but by the time it does, most if not all bugs should have been identified and fixed.

There are free developer options up to certain usage limits. For more details, visit the Licensing page and review the Terms of Use for free usage guidance.

There are different licensing options depending on your application needs. To use Bing Maps V8 Web Control, you will need to create a key:

  • To create a Basic or Enterprise key, visit the Bing Maps Getting Started page.
  • If you have an Azure subscription and prefer a monthly pay-as-you-go service, you can purchase Bing Maps on Azure Marketplace. (Maximum transaction plan not to exceed 500K transactions per month)
  • If you are licensing to embed in a software package or service that you will sell to multiple business customers, click here to contact a Bing Maps Distribution Partner.
  • If you are unsure of the option that is right for your application, see our Licensing Options.

Pricing varies based on the usage and requirements of the plan, with plans starting as low as $230 per month for 25K transactions/per month. Free plans are available with 10K transactions available per month. Visit the Licensing page and review the Terms of Use for free usage guidance.

Visit the Bing Maps MSDN Library for information on map controls and services. Other helpful resources include the Bing Maps forum and blog.

For developer code samples, click here.

There is no download required. Visit the Bing Maps MSDN Library for information on Bing Maps SDKs click here to view the Interactive SDK. Additionally, for an overview of how to add maps to your application, view the Using Bing Maps video.

If you are experiencing an issue, submit it to the Bing Maps forum. If you are an enterprise-level customer, click here to review the Enterprise Developer Support overview for further guidance.

The Bing Maps AJAX Control Version 7 was deprecated on June 30, 2017. It was superseded by the Bing Maps V8 Web Control.

Migration for a majority of V7 applications will be fairly easily, and in some cases requiring only one line of code to be changed. For more information on how to migrate, please review the Bing Maps V7 to V8 Migration Guide. If you have additional questions regarding migrating to V8, please view our Migration FAQ.

Maps V8 includes key features such as Autosuggest and customized map styles along with improved performance. See what features have been added to our latest version of the control.

Feature V7 V8
Forward Geocoding X X
Reverse Geocoding X X
Driving, walking and transit directions X X
Autosuggest X
Bing Spatial Data Services module X
Administrative Boundary data X
Road X X
Road (Grayscale) X
Road (Dark) X
Road (Light) X
Road (High Contrast) X
Road (Custom Map Styles) X
Aerial X X
Ordnance Survey X X
Traffic Flow X X
Streetside X
Experimental Branch X
Release Branch X X
Frozen Branch X
Other Map Features
Heatmaps X
Pushpin clustering X
Drawing tools X
Spatial Math module X
Vector Labels X
Label collison detection X
Test Data Generator X
Touch support X X
Custom Overlays X
Ground Overlays X
Animated Tile Layers X
Data Binning X
Supported Data Formats
Well Known Text X
GML (via GeoRSS) X
Multiple culture/language support X X
Automatic region/culture detection X
JavaScript X X
TypeScript X
Interactive SDK X X
Thousands of Pushpins X
Thousands of Polygons X


Bing Maps

Interactive SDK

An immersive, developer-friendly guide for making web map and data visualization with V8 Web Control, including editable code samples.



Find detailed documentation to guide you through development with Bing Maps V8 Web Control, from basic concepts to working with spatial math.


V8 Samples

A vast sample project bringing together code samples from GitHub and other platforms, all in one place for easier development.

Bing Maps API Developer Resources


A robust collection of over two hundred code samples to assist developers, easily accessed at GitHub and featuring useful community contributions.


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