More places to learn about Excel 12 …

Something that I wanted to cover briefly was some other sources for Excel 12 content and news.  Some of you may have already run into these links, but to make sure everyone has the benefit, here you go:

  • First, the Office Marketing Group has set up a preview site where you can see a summary of news to date.  The site also has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to in order to get the latest announcements.
  • Second, there are a couple of other blogs that discuss the new UI and our work around new file formatsBoth of these investments are important parts of the Excel 12 story, so these blogs are a great source of insight and information.
  • Third, there are a couple of videos that allow you to see some of the new UI and new Excel feature work “live”.  First, an interview with Julie Larson-Green, who runs the team that designed and built the new Office user interface.  Julie spends time explaining the new UI, some of which involves an impromptu Excel 12 demo.  Second, the Bill Gates keynote at the recent Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.  The Office demo starts around minute 44.

While I am at it, I wanted to let you know about some other Office and Office-related blogs in case you want to check those out as well: