We interrupt conditional formatting for a brief message about undo/redo and PDF…

A few posts ago when I wrote an overview of everything we did in Excel 12, I said that the list wasn’t 100% complete.  Undo/redo is an example of that.  We did work to improve undo/redo this release, and since someone asked about it in the comments of a previous post, I thought I would describe the work we did.  Here is what we have improved in this area:

  • We increased the size of the “undo stack” from 16 levels to 100 levels.
  • We made a bunch more features “undoable”.  For example, setting autofilters, showing/hiding detail in PivotTables, and grouping/ungrouping in PivotTables are now undoable.
  • And, my personal favourite, we no longer clear the undo stack when Excel saves, be it an autosave or an explicit save by a user.

Also, I wanted to share another great (and recent) announcement – Excel 12 will enable customers to save their work as a PDF file by simply using the Save As command from within Excel 12.  The details of the announcement are hereBrian Jones also spent some time on the subject in his Office 12 File Format blog, with two posts here and hereSave As PDF is another feature that many customers had asked for, so we are excited to be adding it to Office 12.