SQL Server Analysis Services support – the list

I have had a number of emails in the last week asking for a list of the SQL Server Analysis Services features that we support, asking for a list of the SQL Server Analysis Services features that are new in their 2005 release, etc., so here is a list that hopefully answers folks’ questions.  Specifically, here are the major features available in SQL Server Analysis Services that Excel 12 supports.  “New in AS2005” means the some or all of the feature is new to SQL Server Analysis Services 2005.  “OM only” means you need to use Excel’s OM.

  • Actions (Changed in AS2005)
  • Attributes (attribute hierarchies) (New in AS2005)
  • Calculated cells
  • Creating client side calculated measures/members (OM only)
  • Creating client side named sets (OM only)
  • Custom roll-ups
  • Default members and measures, role specific
  • Display folders exposed in field list (New in AS2005)
  • Distinct Count measures
  • Distributed partitioned cubes
  • Drill-through
  • Hierarchies (user hierarchies)
  • KPIs (New in AS2005)
  • Linked cubes
  • Local cubes
  • Measure groups exposed in field list (New in AS2005)
  • Member properties
  • Multi measure group queries (New in AS2005)
  • Partitions
  • Perspectives (New in AS2005)
  • Ragged hierarchies (dummy member)
  • Roles (permissions)
  • Server formatting
  • Server side calculated measures/members
  • Server side named sets
  • Translations (New in AS2005)
  • Unbalanced hierarchies (parent-child)
  • Virtual cubes
  • Virtual dimensions

Next time, Formula AutoComplete and CUBE functions.


PS updated actions to “Changed in AS2005”