Something I wanted to call out was a great TechLearning online article written about Forest Ridge teacher Palie Cantu and her use of OneNote as a digital ePortfolio tool. The article is titled “How to Build Better ePortfolios”

I’ve had the honor to work with Palie a few different times over the past year and a half and she is one of the top teachers I’ve come across in terms of her use of technology and learning, especially when it comes to OneNote. To see Palie in action, watch this short video. If you want to see a more in-depth video of how Forest Ridge Teachers (including Palie) use OneNote, watch this 40 minute video.

Palie structures her student “ePortfolios” all inside of one big notebook. She creates a template section group for each student containing an individual section for “Homework”, “Quizzes” and “Tests”. Palie keeps a portfolio for every student she has, in every class she has. The entire structure is captured in one large OneNote notebook that she keeps. Here’s a screen shot example of a very simple ePortfolio for a fictitious student named Emily.

clip_image001_2 (1)

Because Forest Ridge is a 1:1 computing school and all of the students have OneNote, Palie distributes all homework, quizzes and tests using OneNote pages. Students complete their homework in OneNote and mail them back to Palie. Palie then grades the assignments and sends a copy back to each student. She also keeps a copy in the section group she has for each student. For example, Palie might have an ePortfolio built up for Jane. Over time, the homework, quiz and test sections for little Jane will be filled with all of the work for the year. Palie can also store group projects within Jane’s portfolio. When it comes time for parent/teacher conference, Palie can flip to Jane’s section group and quickly show the parents all of the work that Jane has been doing for the class, including the grades and scores she has received. At the end of the year, Palie has the entire set of work captured in one place.

For those of you who want to see this in action, download this sample ePortfolio.

Has anyone else out there experimented with OneNote as an ePortfolio tool?