Excel 2010 Games: Missile Command and Tower Defense

 Thanks to Mauricio Acevedo, Nathan Shomber, Karen Cheng, and Manpratap Suri for putting together this blog post.

It’s official, Office 2010 is out! To celebrate, we’ve created two games that are playable in Excel for you to download.



   Missile Command                                                                       Tower Defense


To play, you’ll need –

· Download games here

· To install Excel 2010, hot off the press last week. You can get a free trial here. The games use features that are new to Excel 2010, so they won’t work in older versions.

When you open the files to play, don’t forget to enable the macros.


Here’s a video of the two games in action:

In the next two blog posts, we’ll explain how we made these games.

And one more thing – for a look at the people behind Excel on the job, check out this video of Excel program managers, Karen and Manpratap, singing a song about Excel and Excel Services.