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The Navigation Pane: A new, easier way to work

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again (and again and again): The Navigation Pane in Word 2010 is my favorite new feature. I feel like I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. I fear I sound like I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. But I haven’t. So why all the excitement?

Navigation Pane check box on the ribbon

I love the fact that I can reorganize my document just by dragging

I love that so much more than scrolling, selecting, cutting, and pasting. It’s an instant time saver.

Organizing documents in the Navigation Pane

The longer a document is, or the more complicated, the more time the Navigation Pane saves.

And I love being able to go to a place in my document just by clicking one of those headings.

That’s just what makes me happy–but really there’s more. You can change heading levels in the Navigation Pane. You can also see a thumbnail view that’s like the old Document Map.

Thumbnail pages in the Navigation Pane

And when you search in the Navigation Pane, Word starts to search and show results as soon as you begin to type your query text.

I go on and on–but try it for yourself. Or, take a look at this article, or this quick little video, or this cooler Office Casual video, or see a lot of new features in action on the Office Show.

Yes, I’m sure I’ll say it again.

— Joannie Stangeland