Can’t delete items in Outlook? Crabby has some ideas

As you know, I like to post tips that solve problems that maybe I heard just ONE person mention. And if you know me, you know why, but let’s go over it again: Because it’s never just one person; all it is, is that one person has actually tried to do something about it. The point being, there are probably several of you having this same problem that we’re going to attempy to solve today: Jay, a youngster who’s new to the world of Crabby, posted a comment about a strange Outlook issue.

Jay wrote:

“I suddenly CANNOT delete email messages in my inbox.  Each time I try to delete one a message pops up saying there’s a problem with the Outlook Message Interface…whatever the devil that is! Thank heavens I can still send and receive…just can’t delete! And they’re piling up!!”

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Now, I responded to Jay, asking him for some basic information I need in order to try to troubleshoot for him (version of Windows, version of Office) but so far no response. I’m going to give it a go anyway.

(Note: These two are all just *possible* solutions; if one doesn’t work, try another. And if THAT doesn’t work, read the very last paragraph at the end of this post…)

(If you’re not sure what a “profile” is, read my column Crabby’s guide to Outlook profiles versus email accounts.)

— Crabby

Not finding the help you need through the various channels you’ve tried? Microsoft Answers is where you’re most likely to solve your nagging problem. I explain all about it here, & I suggest—and do it strongly, finger pointed—that you consider it.