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Microsoft 365

Shading: Color your Word

Maybe you like color-coding. I know I love to color-code my documents. But the Word shading colors that are available in the Highlight command can be limiting. You can run out of colors quickly, because there aren’t very many.

Highlighting colors in Word 2010

But my colleague Chris Downs reminded me that Word also has a Shading command, and that Shading command has a beautiful palette of hues.

Shading colors in Word 2010

Just select the text that you want to add shading to. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Shading, and then click the shading color you want to apply.

You can also use this to add shading to a style. For example, maybe you want every Heading 2 to be shaded peach.

Apply the style.

Heading 2 style

Apply the shading, and then right-click the style in the Styles gallery and click Update Style to Match Selection.

Add shading to a heading style

Now, every time you apply the Heading 2 style, it will have the shading.

For more fun with working with colors in Word, see Pictures and Clip Art.

— Joannie Stangeland