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Organize your recipes with a OneNote cookbook


Recipe TabDo you like to test out new recipes? When you find a good one, I bet you hang on to it. When one falls flat, you scratch it from your collection fast. And then there’s that outrageous dessert you brought to the holiday party–everyone wants a copy of that recipe! How do you keep track?

A really cool OneNote recipe book can help you out. Take a peek by clicking here to download it. Looks good, doesn’t it? It’s got a chicken marsala dish your Mom would love and others that sound yummy. But if you’ve got a culinary habit, you no doubt think it’s missing some. No worries–this recipe book lets you add recipes, remove the busts, and share favorites with family and friends.

But what about my vegetarian friends? 

To add a section, open the OneNote recipe book, and click on the tab with a star on it at the top of your notebook, then type a name.


Now add the real meat-er, tofu!

Once you’ve got a new section in place, it’s time to start adding recipes. You do this by adding pages to the section. Click New Page above the right column, then type the recipe name in the box at the top of that page. Now you’ll see the page name in the column. Over time, this becomes your table of contents for the section.


Keep adding to your collection–add as many recipes as you want, any time you want!


If you want to remove a recipe, just right-click the recipe page in the right column and choose Delete.

We’ve put other tips in the recipe book to teach you more ways to use it: different ways to add your own recipes (copying the entire recipe from the web, adding a handwritten recipe, etc.).

Mom, the chicken marsala recipe is on its way!

When you’re ready to share your recipe book, first post it to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a free Microsoft server in the cloud where you can store things and share them with anyone you choose who has an Internet connection–even if they don’t have OneNote.

In OneNote, go to the File tab, and you’ll see the recipe book listed under Notebook Information. To the right of it, click Share on Web or Network.


Under Share On, make sure Web is selected.



Click the Sign In button to sign in to Skydrive. Then pick a folder, and click Share Notebook, way at the bottom right corner of the page.


If you don’t have a SkyDrive account set up, you’ll be prompted to create one. Just follow the steps on the screen.  

Next, you’ll get a message asking if you want to email a link to the notebook to anyone. 


If you want to, click E-mail a Link and add the names of folks to whom you want to send the recipe book. In the email that opens, make sure you delete Click to open the notebook in OneNote.  This way, your recipients can view the recipe book in their web browser without actually having OneNote on their computers.


With your OneNote recipe book safely on SkyDrive, you can add recipes anytime, never worry about losing one, and your friends can check back often to see your new delectables. You can even set up your recipe book so your friends can add recipes–you might want to make this a crowd-sourced recipe book!

You can get a lot more helpful information about sharing your recipe book (and any Office Web App doc) on this blog post.

by Dail Bridges