What a week!


Editor’s note: PJ Hough returns to close out an excellent week.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of joining members of the media from around the world and several customers to unveil the new Office. Watching people’s first reactions to our new products and services is one of the best parts of my job.

The Customer Preview is critical for us to deliver a fantastic final product. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do! With Office 2010, we received more than two million smiles and frowns – in addition to all the other feedback – and this was very important in shaping the final release. I’m hoping to see even more feedback on the new Office.

You can give feedback via smiles and frowns directly in each new Office application. When you send a smile or a frown, you’ll have the option to tell us more and include a screenshot. You can speak directly to our engineers and earn the ability to say “I helped build that” when you see your feedback in the new Office.


We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

I’ve been reading what the press have had to say over the past week – and there seems to be a lot they like. A few of my favorite snippets:

“The new Office is the best Office. … Without warning, the company is making beautiful, modern software, radically different from anything it’s done before.” –Gizmodo

“…the biggest surprise is that Microsoft has taken its cloud services, desktop programs, and browser-based apps and fused them into a product that feels unified and natural. And they’ve pulled off this impressive accomplishment without altering the fundamental character of Office.” –ZDNet

“After a few days of working in the in the new environment, it started to feel like home — so much so that going back to the current version of Office felt like I had pulled out a PC from a decade ago.” –Mashable

“Office 2013 is touchscreen ready, cloud friendly, and adds bold new twists to the Microsoft Office franchise.” – PC World

“I declare this year to be Microsoft’s Annus Mirabilis! This company is just hitting them out of the park again and again. Bravo.” – Windows IT Pro

In my 18 years helping to build Office, I’ve seen our product evolve dramatically again and again. Like I said when I launched this blog, this is the most transformational release ever. We are in the midst of another dramatic evolution – to modern devices, to touch interfaces, to the cloud, to social and more. Join us on the journey!