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All my work in one place

On average, people work on five to seven projects at a time.  For example, a wedding planner may have several clients that she is planning weddings for and she might have a task management site in SharePoint for each (see “Managing Tasks in SharePoint”). In this case, she’ll have tasks assigned to her from several different places, in addition to tracking personal tasks outside of those projects. 

Rather than drilling into each site individually to see her assignments, she can now use a new feature called My Tasks, under the Newsfeed Hub, to see at a glance all the things she needs to do across projects together in one place.  

My Tasks can aggregate all tasks assigned to you in SharePoint, Outlook, and Project into one experience and enables you to organize and manage both personal and assigned tasks alike.

The goal is not just to show you tasks but to be a one stop shop to take action on them too.  Here are some things it can help you do.

Organizing and taking action on tasks

To get to My Tasks, go your Newsfeed Hub and click on “Tasks” in the quick launch.  When you first go there, we’ll bring in all your tasks and show them to you grouped by project so that you have context of where they came from.


Once you see your tasks, you’re bound to think of other important things you need to do.  My Tasks makes it easy to quickly capture tasks with inline add controls.  Tasks created here are personal and only visible here, so you don’t need to worry about impacting your project plans.

To prioritize tasks, you can drag and drop them up and down to reorder them.  You can also highlight the tasks that you want to focus on most by marking them as important. Doing this will make them show up in the “Important and Upcoming” view, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

To complete a task, just check the checkbox like you would in a task list and feel the satisfaction of watching it cross itself off and disappear.  (You’ll still find these in the Completed view.)  You can also edit the task inline or open the task form directly; all changes will be written back to the project site so that the team is immediately aware of your status and updates.

To help you complete your tasks, you can also get more contextual information, including a link to the project site where related collateral is stored by opening the callout.  For PWA projects, we’ll take you to the SP site associated with that project.


Using “Important and Upcoming” to decide what to work on next

My Tasks provides a special view called “Important and Upcoming” to help you pick what’s next from everything that’s asked of you. It gives you a personal timeline to visualize of all your tasks due in the next few weeks, all tasks that you’ve marked as “important,” and a list of upcoming tasks that are due in the near future. This is a self-cleaning view, meaning that it continually changes content to prevent your task lists from becoming overwhelming.  As important tasks linger, they gradually lose prominence in this view so that old tasks that you haven’t gotten around to but aren’t really important anymore don’t clutter the list.


Take tasks with you everywhere

Last but not least, you can synchronize tasks with Outlook.  Not only will you see these tasks in Outlook or Outlook Web App, but also in your favorite Outlook tasks app for your phone, such as the Calendar hub on the Windows Phone or the Reminders app on iOS. Just go to the ribbon in My Tasks and click “Sync to Outlook” to turn it on and we’ll sync tasks on a regular basis.

Working with Project Web Access assignments

My Tasks aims to provide a lightweight way to status, so for PWA assignments, simply checking them off will set % complete to 100% and send the update through the approval loop. If you need a little more granularity, open the tasks to get to the PWA task details form and submit changes to remaining and actual work.

However, if you need to enter time-phased data or prefer to use the timesheet or My Work from PWA, you can also navigate to those experiences directly from My Tasks. Click on the “…” where the views are, then click on “Timesheet” to get to timesheets or “Task Status Reporting” to get to My Work->Tasks in PWA.

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