Over 25 million active Outlook.com users, and today we’re making it even easier for Gmail users to switch


The best reason yet to ditch Gmail” – Farhad Manjoo, Slate.com

Since the new Outlook.com launched in July, the positive feedback has been overwhelming.  Outlook.com was recently named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2012”, won PC Magazine’s Best Software and Internet Web App awards and has received a number of other accolades around the world.  To date, over 25 million of you are already actively using the new Outlook.com:


Outlook.com graph












We found that about a third of Outlook.com users are active Gmail users trying Outlook.com for the first time.  We wanted to learn more, so we hired a research firm to recruit hundreds of Gmail users – people that use Gmail as their primary email service – and asked them to try Outlook.com.  We asked the Gmail users to sign-up for Outlook.com addresses, forward email from Gmail to Outlook.com, and try Outlook.com’s best features.  The Gmail users loved it.  Specifically, they shared the following opinions with us:

  • They prefer Outlook.com’s clean user design
  • Outlook.com does a better job of blocking spam and it outperforms Gmail when it comes to helping manage unwanted messages like newsletters and daily deals
  • Outlook.com makes it easier to share photos and Office documents

The best part was, after spending just five days with it, 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users said they would switch to Outlook.com.

As millions of people have made the switch to Outlook.com, they’ve told us about the features that made the transition easier:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: customers can choose to set up keyboard shortcuts in Outlook.com to mirror the shortcuts in the Outlook desktop app, Gmail and others.
  • Quick access to search operators: quickly find mail by clicking “/” and then using “To:”, “Subj:”, etc.
  • Tab/Send: rapidly send messages by clicking the “tab” key from the compose window to automatically shifts focus to the “Send” button
  • Conversation threading: you can also optionally turn on conversation threading (i.e. the ability to see all responses in a conversation via just one view).

But it’s still early days.  We continue to listen to feedback on what enthusiasts want next – including making the switch from Gmail even easier – and build those features.  So over the next few weeks, Outlook.com users will start to see these new features in their inboxes:

  • One-click Archive: from the inbox, select messages and click the Archive button to move the selected messages to the Archive folder (or any other folder of your choice). It’s a fast and simple way to move messages out of your inbox to find later.

Outlook.com one-click archive






  • More and more keyboard shortcuts: Outlook.com has dozens of keyboard shortcuts and we’re adding even more. And better yet, we don’t need to list them all in this post because you can now find all available keyboard shortcuts by simply typing a question mark when you’re in your inbox.


Outlook.com keyboard shortcuts














  • More customization of your inbox: we added several new ways to make your inbox look and work the way you want.

   We added more color themes:

 Outlook.com customization



We added the ability to toggle between “Reply” and “Reply All” as the default option.  We also heard that, after deleting a message, some people want to return to their inbox and others want to see the next     message. Now you can set that default option, too.  Both options are available via the Options page

  • Outlook app for Android: Many of us use Outlook.com as much on our phones as we do on a PC. For devices like Windows Phone and iPhone that support Exchange ActiveSync, you have built-in support for Outlook.com – no download necessary. Android devices aren’t consistent in their native support for Exchange ActiveSync, so starting today you can install an Outlook.com for Android on your mobile phone. The new app is free and works on all Android 2.x devices and higher.


Outlook.com Android display














If you’re one of the tens of millions of people that have made the switch to Outlook.com, we thank you.  We’re committed to making Outlook.com the best email service and we appreciate the feedback you continue to provide. 

If you are a Gmail user and are still on the fence, take a look at our new features and give Outlook.com a try with just a few simple steps. 

Thanks again for using Outlook and, as always, keep the feedback coming.

David Law–Director, Product Management, Outlook.com