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Embedding Presentations into Your Website with the PowerPoint Web App

We’ve upgraded the embedding experience in PowerPoint Web App to make it better than ever. The new experience is fully interactive and all your content plays back right in the embedded object. That means all your animations, transitions – even audio and video! Better yet, any presentations you embedded using the old version have automatically been upgraded to the new experience – no work from you required!

In this post we’ll walk through how to embed a presentation in your blog or webpage in three easy steps:

  1. Generate the embed code
  2. Preview and choose your options
  3. Copy the embed code and paste it in your blog or webpage

Step 1: Generate the embed code

So you’ve finished working on a great presentation and now you want to embed it in your blog to show off how awesome it is. The first thing you’ll want to do is click on “Embed” from the “File” menu. Be sure to click on “Generate” when prompted.


Figure 1 – Start by viewing your presentation


Figure 2 – From the “File” menu choose “Share” -> “Embed”


Figure 3 – Click “Generate” when prompted

Step 2: Preview and choose your options

Next you’ll see an interactive preview of what your presentation will look like and a box with the code to copy. You’ll also notice a set of customization options: four different sizes and an option for turning on autoadvance.


Figure 4 – Choose the size and options for your presentation

For the embedded presentation in this post I chose the “610×480” size and turned on autoadvance. Note that turning on autoadvance will only work if your presentation includes autoadvance settings (If you don’t want your presentation to automatically start playing when someone loads your blog or page you may choose to leave autoadvance off).

Step 3: Copy the embed code and paste it in your blog or webpage

Right-click on the box to copy the embed code for your presentation. From there you can paste it into your blog or web page.


Figure 5 – Copy the embed code and paste it in your blog or webpage

That’s it – you’re done!

The embedded presentation is tied to the original so any changes you make will show up in the embedded presentation as well (also note that if you delete the original presentation the embedded one won’t work anymore).

Dan Swett
Program Manager, PowerPoint

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