SkyDrive app adds live tiles to keep you up-to-date

Since we released the SkyDrive app for Windows and Windows RT back in October, it has been great to see all the ways people are using it. People are accessing, viewing, and sharing files that they’ve stored on SkyDrive, as well as saving files directly to SkyDrive from other apps. Today, we’re excited to announce changes to how you’ll see SkyDrive from your Start screen.





Starting today, the SkyDrive app from the Windows Store will start showing you notifications on the live tile when you add new files to your SkyDrive. Now the tile for the SkyDrive app will be useful for more than just launching the app, by providing at-a-glance info on what’s going on in your SkyDrive. Whenever you add new files to SkyDrive, the app tile shows you relevant details. If you add a document, you’ll see the document name, along with when it was added, and what folder it’s in. If you add photos, the tile gives you a nice view of those photos.





We think you’ll find that the new live tile info enhances your Start screen and makes it feel even more alive and personal to you.


This new feature will be rolling out throughout the day, so if you don’t see any new info on your SkyDrive tile just yet, sit tight, you’ll see it very soon!