no longer required to edit Office docs in SkyDrive

Now you can share your documents so that others can edit them hassle-free, without signing in to a Microsoft account. This works for all four Office Web Apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

To share your document this way, you just need to get a link and send it:

1. In your SkyDrive, right-click your document, and click Sharing.

2. Go to Get a link, and then under View and edit, click Create.

SkyDrive create

3. Copy the link and send it out.

The link takes others to your document, where they click Edit in Browser to start working immediately, without signing in. For a few features, like inserting a picture or using their Office desktop program, they’ll still need to sign in to their Microsoft account.

You’ll know when someone who hasn’t signed in is working with you in your document. You’ll see them listed as guests.

Removing the sign-in requirement is one of the many enhancements we’ve recently made to Office Web Apps. For more on this new feature and how collaboration is now easier for the billion Office documents on SkyDrive, please see the Inside SkyDrive blog.

–Roxanne Kenison