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Yammer’s 2013 Business Value Survey Results Are In!

At Yammer, we’re focused on transforming how employees get work done by making companies more open and connected. We’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not all about the technology or the software. It’s about the people who use it. And, we’ve learned that each company has its own goals when it comes to an enterprise social strategy. Our Customer Engagement team has worked with leading companies to launch successful networks that scale to meet strategic goals. One of the most important things we do is measure business value for our customers.

With the help of an independent market research firm* we recently surveyed our enterprise customers and the results speak for themselves. Here’s what we learned about the companies using Yammer to get work done:

Teams are connecting, communicating, and collaborating. As a result, they are more productive.

  • 68% say that Yammer simplifies the process of communicating with colleagues in different locations or departments.
  • 68% say that Yammer improves collaboration across remote locations.
  • 47% say that posting project updates on Yammer makes it easier to keep colleagues informed of decisions and status.

“Yammer connects me with my colleagues across different locations and to voice out my opinions and ideas, without any deviation, to the senior management and leadership team. Also, I can hear similar ideas from my fellow colleagues.” – Leading software company

Employees feel more connected and engaged. As a result, they are more motivated to work for their companies.

  • 80% are more informed with what is happening in their organization.
  • 44% say that Yammer helps new hires get up to speed faster.
  • 41% are more comfortable sharing with their organization’s management new ideas and feedback via Yammer than other forms of communication (email, meetings, via phone).

“It exposes me to the knowledge and expertise of a huge volume of individuals across the company and being able to share MY knowledge and expertise. It also allows me to float ideas without having all the ‘red tape’.” – Global retail company

Our customers are getting work done with Yammer as their intranet. As a result, they are bringing employees and applications together in a connected organization.

  • 51% are more connected to their organization’s mission and goals.
  • 50% can locate relevant information and people faster.

“The biggest benefit is sharing information globally.” – Leading consulting firm

“It gives me the ability to find information and people faster and more efficiently across the organization.” – Global retail company

Our customers are innovating and adapting in the face of constant change. As a result, they are staying ahead of the competition.

  • 79% are exposed to more new ideas and innovations in their organization.
  • 76% have more visibility into work happening in other departments or locations.

“It feels like I work for a global company now.” – Leading consulting firm

“The biggest benefit is the virtual interaction with numerous people and to know their process, project activities and their working culture within the organization located across the globe.” – Leading consulting firm

Over 200,000 companies, including 85% of the Fortune 500, use Yammer to foster team collaboration, empower employees, drive business agility and promote organizational connectedness.

Sign up for Yammer and see for yourself or contact us to learn how to get more out of your Yammer network.


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