Telefonica calls on Office 365 and Yammer to power global workforce collaboration

Telefónica is a leading provider of integrated
communications with more than 130,000 employees in 24 countries across Europe
and Latin America. Given the broad, global employee base, the company sought to
empower staff to stay connected and work together while on the same platform and
with leading productivity tools. To achieve this goal, Telefonica will deploy
Office 365 alongside Yammer to harness the full power of their workforce and enable
new ways for its employees to collaborate, communicate and share ideas.

Telefónica believes the biggest benefit of Office 365 coupled
with their existing Yammer deployment, is the ability to break down silos
across the organization and drive innovation. With Yammer’s upcoming message translation capabilities, employees across
languages will be able to work more efficiently than ever and focus on delivering
superior value to their customers. In addition, Office 365 allows employees to connect
seamlessly across a wide range of devices, allowing them to focus on their work
anytime across locations.

The deployment of Office 365 and Yammer is expected to
reduce the costs of operating IT services by 20% while supporting the company’s
specific security and privacy requirements. Office 365 and Yammer will provide
Telefonica’s global workforce with the industry’s leading communication and
collaboration platform allowing them to stay competitive while providing their
customers with the service they expect. Read the full press release for today’s announcement here.

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