Office 365: A great choice for small businesses

With the 50th annual National Small Business Week
kicking off June 17th, it’s amazing to think just how vital small
businesses are to our economy. Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S.
employer firms, 49 percent of private sector employment, and 46 percent of
private sector output, according to the U.S. Small Business

Yet, despite their critical importance, only half of U.S.
small business establishments survive five years or longer, and only one-third
survive 10 years or longer.

Surviving as a small business requires careful planning and execution;
it also entails smart day-to-day decisions, which includes the use of
technology. That’s exactly why a growing number of small businesses are
adopting Microsoft
Office 365
: to increase productivity, exemplify professionalism, and stop
worrying about IT. In short, they want a competitive edge that enables them to

Big Business Benefits
at a Fraction of the Cost

Small businesses are continuing to adopt Office 365. Today
we welcome customers FLO Wine, Mom Corps, Excel Anesthesia and Two Camel Films.

  • FLO Wine. The company uses Office 365 to send email and share files while
    also staying on top of day-to-day tasks like organizing corporate information,
    tracking store sales and hosting a shared calendar. With the shared calendar in
    Office 365, FLO Wine can maximize promotional activities by coordinating
    schedules the company. Without adding IT infrastructure, the winemaker now has
    the technology it needs to compete with larger wine companies.

“Office 365 offers compelling value for a small virtual business,” says
Marcus Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder of FLO Wine. “It gives us 100
percent of the capabilities to compete directly with Fortune 500 company at a
fraction of the cost.”

  • Mom Corps. Mom Corps, a national virtual staffing
    firm, uses Office 365 to build a flexible work environment that gives
    employees the tools to balance work and life, and allows them the ability to tap
    into resources they otherwise would not have had. Employees have the ability to
    collaborate and connect from virtually anywhere and without asking any of them
    to change the way they work.

“It’s so easy to keep in touch,” says Allison O’Kelly,
Founder & CEO of Mom Corps. “I’m in Pennsylvania and my CFO is in Atlanta; we
are able to use Lync Online to review financial reports through sharing screens
and simply talking to each other through our PCs.”

  • Excel Anesthesia. Mobility and security were two key
    factors in Excel Anesthesia’s decision to deploy Office 365, especially as the
    26-physician anesthesia group sought to upgrade compliance procedures. With all
    of the Dallas, Texas-based physicians accessing information on their personal
    computers and phones, standardization, let alone security, is difficult to

“Given the crucial issues surrounding compliance, we
asked our attorney-not just our techies-to evaluate Office 365,” says Michael Walsh,
M.D. and Head of Compliance. “He told us that we couldn’t do better than to
choose Microsoft – with Office 365, we got compliant email at a great value.”

  • Two Camel Films. Reducing
    dependence on email was the primary driver for filmmakers Emily and Elizabeth
    Dell to move to Office 365. In order to communicate with the many people that are
    involved on each film project handled by their company, based in Los Angeles,
    California, the sisters initially relied on their mobile phones and Yahoo.
    Given their heavy travel and production schedules, however, the sisters sought greater
    efficiency and real-time communications, as well as the ability to access
    materials offline.

“It can be a real challenge to coordinate everything
that needs to happen during filmmaking,” says Emily Dell, owner, Two Camel
Films. “Using Office 365 to communicate anywhere, anytime, and to collaborate
on set has been truly liberating. I love how it doesn’t discriminate about what
operating system or browser you want to use.”

Thriving with Office

Microsoft understands that when it comes to productivity,
one size does not fit all. Office 365 has a number of offerings tailored to the
needs and budgets of small, medium and large organizations. Office
365 Small Business Premium
is uniquely adapted to the needs of small
businesses and gives organizations familiar Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath and Access. All of these services are
delivered in the cloud, meaning they are always up to date.

More small businesses than ever are turning to Office 365 to
be successful. In addition to the stories shared today, you can learn how other
small companies are enjoying the benefits of Office 365, including Meals
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Mihills Webb Medical, Babesta, Zyvex Technologies, Imagination
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