Easily bring your custom domain to Office 365 with GoDaddy

Bharath Rambadran is a senior product marketing manager in the Microsoft Office Division focused on the Office 365 customer experience.

GoDaddy logoOrganizations of all sizes purchase Office 365 for the tremendous productivity firepower the service offers.  One key benefit of powering email, document sharing, and communications technology with Office 365 is the customers’ option to use their own custom domains (e.g., Katiej@contoso.com and http://contoso.com).  You can purchase your own domain from a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy.  Fifty percent of the organizations that sign-up for Office 365 have custom domains and, of those, 35% of them purchase their domain through GoDaddy’s domain registration service.  Until now, these Office 365 customers had to go to GoDaddy.com to connect their domain with Office 365 for email and other services by manually adding DNS records, one-by-one.  Customers have asked that we make the process faster and easier to bring custom domains to Office 365 because the process was error-prone and multi-stepped.  As a result, we’ve created an easy-to-navigate setup wizard.  However, for those who’d prefer manual domain setup, they can still select that option.

If you’re an Office 365 Enterprise, Education, Midsize, or Government customer with a GoDaddy registered domain(s), Office 365 enables you to update your DNS records automatically in the Office 365 domain integration wizard.  The wizard simplifies and speeds up the setup process, helping customers quickly get the full potential of Office 365’s professional email and online meetings.

Instead of manually adding the DNS records at the GoDaddy website, you provide your GoDaddy credentials while walking through the setup wizard.  We’ll add all the required DNS records to your GoDaddy domain for you!  The process is not only faster, but it helps prevent tedious mistakes that can slow down verification and prevent email from working correctly. This new feature substantially improves the customer experience around one of the most common scenarios for setting up an Office 365 account.

Watch the video for a visual walkthrough and see how easy it is to add your own GoDaddy domain to Office 365.  Please let us know what you think the comments below.

–Bharath Rambadran