Yammer Featured Partner: Quandora

This post was brought to you by Quandora, one of the newest partners on the Yammer Platform. Learn more about Quandora here


Every organization has questions, but the answers won’t necessarily be found in documentation. In these cases, your colleagues have the best answers, thanks to potentially years worth of collective experience and company knowledge. With that in mind, Yammer has partnered with Quandora, a Question and Answer software for teams and communities.

Quandora offers companies a simple and natural solution to connect people with answers, centralize questions to be easily browsed, searched and discovered, and engage teams through knowledge sharing. Yammer users enrich their activity flow with relevant questions and answers, while having the option to enjoy the compelling knowledge-focused experience Quandora offers, including a full browsable archive, advanced discovery options, relevancy mechanisms, and game dynamics. Quandora users are able to broadcast their questions and answers to a large and relevant audience via Yammer, thus maximising their exposure and increasing the chance of a quick answer.

Key Benefits:

– Network effect

Quandora taps into Yammer’s powerful social graphing functionality to map your questions to the most relevant people in your organization. Additionally, we offer a quick and simple mechanism to invite your connections to use Quandora. In the near future, we’ll even use Yammer profiles meta-data such as “Interests” to match people with questions and offer additional content discovery options. Stay tuned, we’re on it!

– Unified Login

People can login to Quandora using their Yammer account. Having to create yet another account is always a hassle – one that we’ve conveniently taken care of for you.

– Activity Sharing

Quandora activity is pushed to Yammer. Everything people ask and answer, as well as comments, votes and badges, are posted to their followers’ Yammer feeds. With this kind of reach, you can be sure to get responses fast!

– Unified Search

Yep, searching in Yammer will also surface Quandora content. Our notifications actually create custom objects in Yammer, becoming fully fledged content. More valuable content for Yammer users, and additional discovery option for Quandora users!

Interested in trying knowledge management for modern, agile organizations? Install Quandora in your Yammer Network now.

PORTRAITSThis post was authored by Andreea Barroca. Andreea is co-founder and CEO of Quandora, provider of Enterprise Questions and Answers for knowledge sharing for distributed teams. Andreea has over 10 years of experience in the Enterprise Content Management business (product, sales, services, partnerships), having lead in the past business units for software companies like Day Software (now part of Adobe), eZ Systems, and Nuxeo. She started her career as a software engineer before progressively switching to the business side. She stills enjoys messing up with some lines of code from time to time, and loves building software products.