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SharePoint for the enterprise on-premises, Online, and everything in between

Bill Baer (@williambaer) is a senior product manager on the SharePoint marketing team.

As we gear up for SharePoint Conference 2014, we are excited about the opportunity to connect with IT professionals, developers, and executives in order to continue enhancing SharePoint in a way that fits the needs of the people who use and benefit from it every day.

Expanded capabilities

SharePoint has always been about sharing–documents, information, tasks–and providing the collaboration and productivity experience customers need to get work done–on their terms. SharePoint supports 2 out of 3 information workers in the enterprise, and more than 700,000 developers are building on SharePoint and Office. Just this week, we announced our plans to expand the Office Store to new markets and add subscription pricing for apps, extending opportunities for developers wishing to build on Office and SharePoint.

Today, SharePoint’s broad platform capabilities serve many key organizational needs such as content management, search, collaboration, enterprise social and business intelligence. Organizations are looking to simplify integration and management of these components, and SharePoint has made administration even simpler with a much lower TCO footprint.  File sync and share with SkyDrive Pro adds to the broad capabilities that SharePoint already provides for no additional cost.

Customers transform business with SharePoint

Here are a few recent case studies of customers who have seen their businesses transform with the adoption of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online:

“…employees in all locations have access to the same expertise.” –Joar Handeland, Chief Information Officer, Aker Solutions

“Toyota has 300,000 pages of content, and the SharePoint 2013 search capability lets us quickly retrieve the information that customers really want and recommend content that they’ll enjoy.” –Hidehiko Sasaki, General Manager, Internet Planning Department, e-TOYOTA Division, Toyota

“Thanks to SharePoint 2013, our employees can get to information within minutes….”  –Stephan Leiter, Chief Information Officer, University of Graz

“The patient satisfaction program we created in SharePoint Online was a huge win for our organization, because we can see measurable improvements as a result.” –Rance Clouser, Vice President of Support Services and Communication, Advocate Health Care

On-premises, cloud, or hybrid

As technologies have matured and improved and organizations have become both more connected and more distributed, SharePoint has evolved with these trends. New cloud computing models have opened the door to bring SharePoint to more organizations–in less time, with less cost. However, we understand not all organizations can immediately realize the potential that comes with cloud computing, so we’ve invested in delivering solutions that support unique hybrid computing models, enabling customers to distribute their deployments across on-premises and the cloud. 

Hybrid computing models enable enterprises to pursue the cloud as a part of a journey, rather than a distinct destination without a bridge in between. Customers with a desire to move to the cloud, yet have complex business requirements that prevent them from moving to the cloud entirely, can leverage hybrid models as a means of bridging the gap between existing on-premises investments and cloud. We don’t operate under the assumption that “one size fits all,” but rather are committed to providing customers with options that best suit their business needs.  

We remain committed to delivering support and solutions for our customers whether in the cloud or on-premises, through cumulative updates, future service packs and content to ensure that wherever you have SharePoint deployed, behind the firewall or in the cloud, customers will continue to have the support they need to ensure the continued success and benefit of constant innovation.

Find your solution at SharePoint Conference 2014

We’d also like to encourage you to join the SharePoint team and thousands of customers and partners at the SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC14) March 3-6. SPC14 is the premier worldwide conference focused on SharePoint and related technologies. SPC14 gives you the latest and greatest in SharePoint innovation, industry technologies, best practices, and unparalleled access to Microsoft and industry experts. The focus of the conference covers on-premises, Cloud and hybrid spanning four main groups: developers, IT Pros, executives and end users. Register today!

Tell us your SharePoint experience

How has SharePoint helped shape your business, and how will it continue to provide the best collaboration and productivity experience to get your work done–as an existing customer on-premise, new in the cloud or spanning a split deployment? We’d love to hear from you. 

Learn more about “Hybrid for SharePoint 2013” on For more case studies, please visit SharePoint customer stories on

Bill Baer 

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