How professional baseball announcer, Joe Block, uses OneNote

Top-level baseball announcers have their work cut out for them. Over the course of a 162 game season (plus Spring Training and Post-Season), they have to keep track of the statistics and stories of hundreds of players. And, in addition to calling the action as it happens on the field, they have to entertain and inform thousands of listeners between pitches. We spoke with Milwaukee baseball announcer, Joe Block, to see how he makes this daunting task seem so easy. 

Hi Joe! As part of your job, you have tons of information to keep track of. How do you do it?

A lot of people think baseball announcers have a team of assistants and statisticians helping them. Well, we don’t. I’ve found OneNote to be the best option to keep all my player stats and stories together so I can grab any bit of information I need at a moment’s notice.

How do you collect all the information?

I do about two hours of research every day. I’ll scan baseball websites, read newspapers, and even talk to the players themselves. It’s easy to enter everything I learn into OneNote. I can simply copy and paste text from webpages, save a photo or video, type in an interesting story, or jot down a stat from my home computer, tablet, or even my phone. It’s all stored in OneNote and accessible when I need it.

How do you call up information so quickly during a game?

I have to be ready for anything and start talking about it at a moment’s notice. If there’s a game-ending homerun, I have to be able to talk about the last time that particular batter hit one. The last time the pitcher gave one up. And share any interesting anecdotes that I may have heard about the situation. I have all of that information in my OneNote and, using search, I can find it easily and keep talking without missing a beat. 

What did you do before OneNote?

I tried it all. I had stacks of binders. I had crates of note cards. But they were always so big and bulky, and it was difficult to find what I needed when I needed it. OneNote keeps everything together in one convenient place, that I can access from virtually anywhere on my phone, laptop, or tablet.

What else do you use OneNote for?

I also use OneNote to keep track of daily tasks before, during and after the game. I store questions for players, interesting statistics or anecdotes I want to explore further. Considering all that’s going on before a game, OneNote helps keep me on point whether I’m in the booth on my tablet or around the batting cages, checking my phone.

Calling the plays: Joe Block (extended version)

There are millions of people, like Joe, who use OneNote to make a difference in their personal, and professional lives. You might be one of them. We’d love to hear how you use OneNote to make your life easier. Share your OneNote story with us in the comments.

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