Check the service health of your Office 365 service on the go

Lawrence Chiu is a senior product manager
on the Office 365 team.

As we discussed in a recent
blog post,  Cloud services you can trust, “Transparency requires consistent communication.” 
working to improve the transparency of the Office 365 service by continuously
improving our communication with customers on changes that impact the Office
365 environment. Recently we deployed the improved Message Center, which delivers messages targeted to your
organization. Now we’re introducing another communication tool, one that was recently
demoed on the November 6 episode of The Garage Series
a new app for on-the-go service health checks.

Starting today, Office 365 service administrators can connect to their
organization’s Office 365 service status from wherever they are with the Office
365 Admin app. The new app enables administrators to view service health
information and maintenance status updates from their mobile device. They can also
filter information by service subscriptions and configure app data refresh

Administrators can use the Office 365
Admin app to check the overall health of their organization’s services, see the
health of individual services, and set data refresh intervals.

To access service health data with the
Office 365 Admin app, you must have an active Office 365 subscription with
administrator user rights. Also, this app does not currently support Windows
Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication.

The Office 365 Admin app is in the process
of rolling out across multiple platforms, starting with Windows Phone 8 today
and followed by Android (4.2.1 and up) and iOS 7 in the coming weeks. Stay
tuned to this blog
and your Message Center. You’ll be notified as soon as the app is available on
Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

To access the frequently asked questions
or to follow what the community has to say about the app, please click this link.

Download the app on the Windows
Phone 8 Store