Yammer and Email: Working Better Together

Blog-JugglerLet’s face it – not everyone in your organization may be ready to work in Yammer. If you’re a Yammer user today, you’re probably familiar with juggling Yammer and email, just to communicate with everyone in your company. But this mishmash of open communication (Yammer) and private communication (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, and quite simply, makes work just a little bit harder. We here at Yammer believe that work is hard enough already, and so we’ve put our heads together over the past quarter to solve this key question: “How can we make Yammer and email work better, together?”

Today, we are excited to showcase the first two of these email features for Yammer:

1) Loop in Non-Yammer Users

2) Forward Emails into Yammer

We want our users that prefer Yammer to be able to do their work in Yammer, while users that prefer to work in email can continue doing their work in email, while making it possible for everyone to coexist and work together.

Loop in Non-Yammer Users

Need someone to chime in on a Yammer conversation, but they don’t happen to be a Yammer user? No problem – now you can include anyone in your organization in a Yammer discussion. Simply begin typing their email address into the CC bar of any message, and that coworker will receive a notification email alerting them of the Yammer conversation. They’ll be able to respond to your message simply by replying to the email – their message will be posted back to the relevant Yammer discussion. Of course, that coworker can also choose to sign up for Yammer from the email and respond as a Yammer user.

blog_grp2 new

Once an email user has been added to a Yammer conversation in this way, they’ll also receive all future Yammer messages posted to that conversation – ensuring that they stay informed of future developments. Email users can also choose to unsubscribe from the conversation if they no longer wish to participate.

Forward Emails into Yammer

We’ve updated our email forwarding feature in a major way. Every Group in Yammer has an email address, and you can send emails to that Group email address in order to post messages into Yammer.

new group email location (1) copy

Now, when you forward an email to a Yammer Group, we include the entire email thread as an attached PDF, so that Yammer users don’t miss any piece of the email conversation. In addition, any files attached in the email will also get uploaded to the Yammer Group and attached to the Yammer conversation. So now when you want to open up an email to a broader audience on Yammer, you can easily share all of the information contained within the email.

These are just the first steps towards breaking down the barrier between Yammer and email. Look for more from us in upcoming months and check out the features for yourself on Yammer!