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Welcome to the new Office Blogs

Welcome to the new Office Blogs!  The new design helps you quickly find the information you want, easily read and navigate on all your devices, and provides better sharing and commenting so you can join the conversation. There’s a world of useful information here, and it’s continually growing to help you increase your productivity and expand your enjoyment of Office.

Let’s dig in to show some of the great new capabilities.

Find posts most relevant to you

Now you can easily discover the content you care about most by using the new filtering options. To get targeted search results fast, select the product you use, how you use it, and the kind of content you want to see. Then click Apply, and you’ll see previews of the content you’re most interested in. To receive updates on a specific set of filters, click Subscribe in the filter bar.

Choose search filters to show the Office blog content that interests you most. Easily preview content to find exactly what you’re looking for. Click Subscribe to receive updates on the search results.

Responsive design for mobile and touch devices

The new site not only simplifies getting to the blog content you want faster, it’s also responsive to mobile and touch devices. That means with a click, swipe, or tap, you can easily keep up with what’s happening in Office, and the information is optimized for viewing on your smartphone or tablet.

Office Blogs home page on a smartphone.

New sharing and commenting options help you join the conversation

Whenever you find something exciting or interesting, there’s a good chance your friends, family, colleagues, or followers will too.  The new sharing plug-in makes it easier to share from a summary post.  We also added sharing to each post so that no matter where inspiration strikes you have sharing options right by your side.

The new sharing plug-in makes it easier to share from a summary post.

Sharing options right by your side in each post.

Many readers leave comments and feedback, often engaging with the writer, or providing their own insights for other readers.  New threaded conversations make it much easier to know who is responding to who and helps everyone join in the dialogue.

Windows and Windows Phone integration

Make it a Windows 8.1 live tile: Stay up to date with an Office Blogs live tile that updates automatically.  We took advantage of Internet Explorer’s Build My Pinned Tile site so Office Blogs can be a live tile on your desktop. Simply visit the Office Blogs with Internet Explorer 10 or newer and select Pin to Start. You’ll get a selection of different tiles sizes that you can pin to your Start screen.

Pin it to your Windows Phone start screen: Now that the blog resizes to mobile devices, you can pin Office Blogs to your phone start screen and read via the mobile experience. Just bring up the blog in your phone browser, then select Pin to Start to add the tile to your start screen.

Tell us what you think

Navigating the rich world of Office blogging has never been so easy or so enjoyable. Try out the new site and let us know what you think in the comments.

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