Everything You Need to Get Up To Speed on Social Networking for Business

social networking for businessEnterprise social networking for business is one of the fastest growing technology trends in recent years. In fact, there were 208 million subscribers to enterprise social networking tools in 2013 alone, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan. This reflects a 29.5% increase from the previous year, with 160.8 million users in 2012.

Forward-looking companies such as global IT consulting firm Capgemini have undergone a complete business transformation, reaping the benefits of social networking for business as early as 2008. But what if you’re just starting to learn about enterprise social networking (or ESN, as some call it)? Where do you look for the latest industry information as well as best practices on using social networking for business in your organization?

Introducing the Yammer Resource Center, a one-stop shop for your ESN educational needs. This newly redesigned resource center brings together industry reports, videos, infographics, guides, and other resources on social networking for business to help you better understand its potential.

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Happy learning!