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Update to the latest Yammer App for SharePoint

Christophe Fiessinger is a senior product manager on the enterprise social team.

You can add a real-time social layer to your SharePoint site with the Yammer App for SharePoint. By using Yammer and SharePoint together, you can encourage team and company-wide conversations, facilitate collaboration around files and projects, and make it easier for people to connect. This helps make collaborating a more social, mobile, and engaging experience.


When you add the Yammer App for SharePoint to a SharePoint site, people can collaborate in more social ways to help speed projects and spark ideas.

If you’re a SharePoint site owner and you’re using the Yammer app for SharePoint on your SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises team site, upgrade to the latest version now.  The update takes advantage of SharePoint security enhancements to improve sign-in reliability.

To upgrade the app to the latest version, on the SharePoint site with a Yammer App for SharePoint, click the Settings icon at the top of the page, and then click Site contents.


You can find out if the Yammer App for SharePoint for your SharePoint site needs to be upgraded by going to Site contents in Settings.

The Site contents page shows you all of the apps available for that particular site. If your Yammer app needs an update, a link to update it appears under the name. Don’t mind the green color in the image below—teams can customize the look of their sites and this team chose green. Your Yammer app might appear in a different color.


The Yammer app is listed on your Site contents page, and it includes an update link, if one is available.

Not sure if you have the update?  Click the ellipses (…) next to the app name and see what version you have. This KB article tracks the latest update.  If you do, you already have the update.


When you click the ellipsis in the app on the Site contents page, the version information is displayed.

We hope you’re using the Yammer App for SharePoint. Let us know if you have any issues or additional suggestions.  Check out this article for more help on setting up and using the Yammer App for SharePoint.

–Christophe Fiessinger (@cfiessinger)

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