The Garage Series for Office 365: Hong Kong Road Trip

Today we kick off Garage Series for Office 365 Road Trip. First stop Hong Kong. Host Jeremy Chapman explores what is driving demand for Cloud-based productivity solutions with perspectives from Emperor Group and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Don’t miss the bartering challenge in a Hong Kong street market aided by Lync video and his friend Steve, real-time cloud image to text translation services in action to navigate Hong Kong and much more.

So today we’re excited to kick off a Garage Series first with a series of special road trip shows filmed during my recent travels to Hong Kong, Prague and Dubai.

I was already headed to these destinations to present deep dive technical sessions at the Office 365 Ignite training events, but I wanted to take the opportunity to uncover the real stories from early Office 365 adopters. I wanted to learn about their interest in Cloud-based productivity solutions and apply Office 365 tools to help me get around the city.

Today’s show chronicles my first stop: Hong Kong. I’ve got a strong affinity for China overall having lived in Shanghai for almost 4 years years back in 2000-2004, but this was my first trip in over 10 years back to what many call the gateway to modern China.

First impressions
Immediately I remembered the lack of space and population density; it’s a real issue with around 7million people squeezed into 426 square miles. Unlike mainland China, Hong Kong is a unique city with commercial autonomy from the rest of China and the hub of change where traditional meets modern. It’s a region with one of the highest smart phone penetrations in the world. People are highly mobile and love their devices, in fact as you’ll see on the show it wasn’t unusual to see people balancing multiple devices in hand as they went about their day.

I had the special privilege of meeting with customers who were gracious enough to share their unfiltered perspective on these trends and their role in the adoption of Office 365.

Check out about 4 minutes in as technology strategist and IT Director Kenneth Lam from Emperor Group describes their Cloud mobile strategy to support the company’s astronomical growth as one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Asia. Also at around 6 minutes in CIO Gerrit Bahlman from Hong Kong’s largest public university, PolyU, shares how the facility is transitioning to the Cloud to support their highly mobile student population.

Putting Office 365 to the test navigating through Hong Kong
As is tradition on the Garage Series show, I also put Office 365 technology through some practical tests with some fun results – from a bartering deal with a local street trader in Mong Kok market, aided remotely by my friend Steve through Lync video-based communications on our Windows Phone and iPhone devices; to using picture to text Bing Cloud-based translation services using Bing Translator to scan and translate Chinese signs and images to navigate my way around the city and more.

I hope that you enjoy the trip with me and don’t forget to join me again for my next stop, the beautiful and historic city of Prague.

Jeremy Chapman


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