Don’t miss the Microsoft Exchange Conference!

We’re a few weeks away from the biggest Exchange conference of the year, and I hope that anyone considering a move to Office 365 or Exchange 2013 will join us in Austin, Texas March 31- April 2nd.  I was just at the SharePoint Conference, and while there, I was struck by how valuable these in-person events are for us and our customers.  When we’re together at an event, we can share product news in person and talk about what it means through a candid Q&A.  Customers get clarity on our strategy and future investments and can factor this information into their plans.  We also bring a large contingent of the Exchange and Office 365 engineering teams down to Austin, so customers can get practical guidance and discuss best practices with the people who build, deploy and support the products.

I’m particularly excited about the Exchange Conference because we’ll get a chance to delve into the email-related aspects of the news we announced a few weeks ago, including Office Graph and the social workplace.  We’ll also have some fresh news to discuss.  There are dozens of good sessions relevant to customers using Office 365.  Here’s a small sampling:


I hope you’ll join me at the Exchange Conference.  There’s magic that happens when we bring thousands of the world’s most passionate Exchange and Office 365 users together in one place.  If you haven’t already, register here, and I’ll see you in Austin!