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News360 and OneNote: Capturing from a news app that learns

News360 is a free app for your iOS, Android or Windows device that helps you find the best stories around the web without being overwhelmed. With more than 4M users and content from over 100,000 sources, it’s a great way to keep up with the news. Over the last two months, News360 worked together with the OneNote team to enable readers to save news stories discovered in the app directly into their OneNote account.

News360 is based on the understanding that every person has a different set of nuanced and ever-changing interests. For example, take two people who are interested in technology – one is a web developer who wants to learn the latest html5 tricks and the other is a fitness enthusiast who needs the latest scoop on wearable gadgets. A single “Technology” feed wouldn’t cut it for those two, so News360 analyzes both users’ social accounts and reading habits to quickly adapt to their differing needs and give each of them a uniquely tailored newsfeed.


The same works for all of your other interests too – News360 creates a single “Home” feed that aggregates all the content you like, from politics and technology to sports and hobbies, so that you don’t have to jump between different sources and topics, and the more you use it – the smarter it gets.

With the new update, it is now super-easy to save the great content you find in News360 to OneNote to read later on another device, or for future reference. Just tap share in any of the News360 mobile apps, and select OneNote – this will export the full article into your OneNote Quick Notes section.

Download News360 for your device or try it out on the web at

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