Scan everything with Doxie and OneNote

Paul Scandariato from Doxie brand mobile scanners.

Doxie is designed to make scanning paper and going paperless easy for everyone, so that’s why we’re so thrilled to have partnered with Microsoft to seamlessly integrate Doxie with OneNote, allowing you to bridge the gap between between the physical world – all your paper – and your digital notes in OneNote.

Doxie makes award-winning portable scanners for going paperless anywhere. Unlike the scanners of the past, Doxie scans anywhere with no computer required, and setup is a cinch – just charge up its built-in battery and turn it on. We built Doxie to be an easy way to scan everything without fussy driver installs and complex setups. When you’re done scanning, tuck Doxie in a drawer for next time you need to scan.

Once you have your Doxie, here’s how to send your scans to OneNote:

  1.  Add OneNote in Preferences > Cloud Apps. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, import your latest scans from Doxie, via USB, an SD card, or wirelessly.
  3. Select your scan, then click Cloud > Upload to OneNote


Now that your scans are in OneNote, you can work from anywhere and access all your scans on Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or on the web with OneNote Online.

With all your notes, documents, and photos in one place, OneNote and Doxie offer you an incredible way to capture and organize all of your information.

For more on Doxie, check out our flagship Doxie Go portable scanner, read more about Doxie/OneNote integration, or check or the rest of the line-up at Doxie’s home page.

Paul Scandariato