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When we launched OneDrive last month, our goal was to make OneDrive the one place for everything in your life – including your photos, videos, and documents – regardless of the device or platform being used. Now, with the release of Office for iPad, that vision is being realized yet again.


If you are one of the billion+ people who use Office to write docs, OneDrive is the best cloud storage for you. No other service comes close to providing the level of cross-platform functionality, connectedness, and productivity that the OneDrive and Office combo delivers.



The data shows it, too. There are billions of Office files stored with OneDrive, and in the past 12 months since launching Office 2013, Office 365 and the new Office Online, the number of documents stored has more than doubled.


In Office, OneDrive powers a connected experience across a range of endpoints, from syncing to sharing to collaborating in real time, and that’s what we want to highlight for you today, so that you can start making the most out of your Office on iPad experience.


Getting Started

Like OneNote, all the files that you create on your iPad in Office will be automatically stored in OneDrive. Similar to Office 2013 and Office for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you’ll now have the ability to access all your recent documents that are stored in OneDrive.


OneDrive Cross Platform


Additionally, Office for iPad will now auto-save all your documents, ensuring that any edits or changes you make on the go will be instantly available and saved to your OneDrive. With OneDrive, you can start a document in one place on one device, and switch devices and pick right up where you left off without missing a beat.


Sharing and Collaborating With Ease

OneDrive also offers a number of unrivaled rich sharing capabilities, eliminating the need to email bulky documents or worry about version control. You can easily share documents with others, see what you’ve shared and what’s been shared with you, and most importantly, collaborate with others simultaneously using real-time co-authoring – even if they don’t have an account.


Word Collaboration on iPad


Backing Up and Version Control

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of accidentally deleting an important document. With OneDrive’s online recycle bin and version control, you can easily recover the most recent or a previous version of documents, ensuring your files are always with you.
OneDrive Version Control

Try Office and OneDrive Today

We’re excited about the rapid growth of documents stored in OneDrive, and the Office experience that OneDrive enables. If you have an iPad and you’d like to be more productive both at work and at home, download the OneDrive, OneNote, and Office apps today!
Download the OneDrive, OneNote, and Office apps today!

Omar Shahine

Group Program Manager,