April 8 webcast available on-demand—creating Business Intelligence dashboards in Visio 2013

Knowledge workers are often flooded with data–so much that it can be difficult to make important business decisions. One of the best ways to solve that problem is to use Visio Professional 2013 to visualize trends, status information, and key business indicators. Visio becomes even more powerful when you publish your diagrams to SharePoint, giving anyone with a web browser visual access to the BI behind the data.

In this first session of a two-part webcast, you’ll learn some of the Visio capabilities and techniques that allow you to depict organizational data in visual, meaningful and actionable ways. We’ll conclude with a BI scenario that utilizes both Visio 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

In this session, we’ll cover:

• What is Business Intelligence?

• Connecting Visio diagrams to SQL Server, Access, Excel, and other data sources

• Using data graphics to visualize data

• Publishing diagrams to Visio Services on SharePoint

• Viewing dynamically updated Visio diagrams with a web browser

• Business scenario #1: BI-enhanced org charts: Key performance indicators that drive result

The winners of the 10 complimentary copies of Visio Professional 2013 are:

  • Rolando L.- Miami, FL
  • Michael C. – Lexington, SC
  • Mary M.- Bedford, TX
  • Adam M.- Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Candace V.- DePere, WI
  • Abby L.- Baton Rouge, LA
  • Dave C.- Cyprus, TX
  • Janet M.- Medford, MA
  • Kenneth A.- Vienna, VA
  • Winsome J.- Ocala, FL


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Presenter: Scott Helmers, Visio MVP/Partner, Harvard Computing Group