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OneNote for iPad update: iOS 7 and Office Lens

Avneesh Kohli is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

Last week, we released a new update to OneNote for iPad. We’ve made it more beautiful, easier to use, and smarter. And, for the first time, you can use OneNote alongside its sister Office apps on iPad, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

OneNote for iPad continues to be available free to all users. All you need is a free Microsoft Account to get started. Office 365 is supported but not required to use OneNote for iPad.

You can download OneNote for free from the App Store. Or if you already have it installed on your iPad, get the latest version from the Updates tab in the App Store.

Beautiful on iOS 7

OneNote for iPad has been redesigned to feel right at home on iOS 7. The look and feel is clean and lightweight, while maintaining all the features you’ve come to love in OneNote.

The Ribbon continues to serve as your primary interface to access powerful editing tools. If you’ve used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OneNote will feel very familiar to you.

We’ve moved the sharing features in OneNote to be more easily accessible. If you ever want to share a page or notebook, it’s as easy as tapping the Share icon at the top right.


Finally, we’re happy to announce that OneNote for iPad is now available in all 155 countries and regions with App Store access.

Office Lens

This release of OneNote for iPad includes Office Lens, a technology that turns OneNote into a portable scanner. Office Lens automatically scans whiteboards and documents, while cropping and rotating pictures to enhance image quality.

Here’s an example of how Office Lens works:

Let’s say you come across a document you’d like to save in OneNote to look at later. Open any page in OneNote, then tap to activate the cursor on the page. On the Ribbon, tap Insert, then select Camera.

OneNote will launch the camera. Now, using the purple shutter button on the middle right, snap a picture of the document. Don’t worry about lining up the edges or zooming in.


Then, tap Document or swipe left on the image.


OneNote will automatically crop and enhance image quality. You can use the Crop button at the bottom right to fine tune the selection if you’d like.


When you’re happy with the photo, tap the check mark at the bottom right to insert the image into your notebook.

Office Lens works great with all kinds of documents and posters, as well as whiteboard drawings.

Our team has worked incredibly hard to deliver features and fixes we think you’re going to really love. Please make sure to update, or get started for free by downloading OneNote from the App Store.

Tell us what you think

We always appreciate your continued feedback via the App Store, Facebook, and Twitter–we rely on it to continually improve OneNote and make it the best possible note-taking experience for our customers. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see responses to FAQs or ask a question.

–Avneesh Kohli

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