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OneNote for iPhone update: Redesign for iOS 7, untethered and more

Today we are thrilled to announce a set of exciting OneNote updates: OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad, and OneNote for iPhone. Among the major improvements are a redesign for iOS 7 and an untethered experience so you can create new notebooks and sections from the iPhone:

  • Redesign for iOS 7. We’ve completely redesigned the look of the app so that it feels great on iOS 7 and makes navigating your notes much more fluid.
  • Untethered experience. Now you can create new notebooks and sections from the iPhone. Sitting at the coffee shop with a friend and want to start planning your next trip? Create a new notebook, share it with your friend, and immediately you both can get on the same page. It’s that easy.

OneNote is free on iPhone, iPod Touch and many other devices. All you need is a free Microsoft Account to get started.  You can download OneNote for free from the App Store, or if you already have it installed on your iPhone, get the latest version from the Updates tab in the App Store. Read on to learn more about the improvements in this update.

Redesign for iOS 7

OneNote for iPhone feels great on iOS 7, and notes navigation is faster and more intuitive. The entire app experience has been improved without taking away any of the features you love.

We added a sections and pages view that makes perusing notebook contents much easier and, dare we say, enjoyable. You can swipe the sections and pages to scroll, and if you use OneNote on other devices or computers, this view should feel like the same OneNote experience.

The page design and navigation bar are much cleaner, giving as much real estate as possible to your content. Tap a page to navigate to it and the page slides in from the right. On the page, swipe from the left edge to navigate back to your notebook’s list of sections and pages.


Swipe from the left edge one more time you will see the new drawer we added so that you can switch quickly between your notebooks, plus get fast access to Search, Recent Notes, Create/Open Notebooks, and Settings.


New notebooks and sections

Two of the most requested features for OneNote for iPhone have arrived: Now you can create new notebooks on OneDrive, and you can add, delete and rename sections.

To create new notebooks, tap the + symbol at the bottom of the drawer, then tap Create Notebook. You also can open existing notebooks from here.


To create a new section, tap the + symbol to the right of the section tabs. Tap an existing section to delete or rename it.


Quick Notes

Now it’s faster than ever to create a note from the places in the app where you spend most of your time. To create a new page, just tap the circled + symbol at the bottom right of the screen. OneNote gives you the choice between creating a page in the current section or in Quick Notes, depending on how organized you want to be at a given moment.


Office Lens

You might have seen Office Lens on OneNote for iPad, and now this popular feature is also on iPhone! Any photo you insert into OneNote can be cropped, enhanced and made more awesome with just a few clicks. We optimized Office Lens for photos of paper documents and whiteboards to help you digitize your world.

But wait, there’s more!

We also made another big reduction in app size, improved app boot performance and some other nerdy stuff we think you’ll appreciate.

Please make sure to update, or get started for free by downloading OneNote from the App Store. You also can visit to download OneNote on all your devices and learn more.

Tell us what you think

We always appreciate your continued feedback through the App Store, Facebook, and Twitter–we rely on it to continually improve OneNote and make it the best possible note-taking experience. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see responses to FAQs or ask a question.


-Alex Simmons, OneNote Program Manager, on behalf of the whole OneNote for iPhone team


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