The Garage Series for Office 365: What’s new in SP1 and what does it mean for Exchange admins?

Today the Garage Series for Office 365 returns to the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Austin, TX. And Jeremy returns to his IT pro roots – joined once again by Bharat Suneja from the Exchange engineering team – to talk about what is new in Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2013 and how it all ties together with the Office 365 service. To keep things interesting, they count down their Top 10 favorite admin features. It’s a broader and deeper topic this week from DAGs without admin access support to SSL-offloading, so if you’re an Exchange admin you won’t want to miss this.

After our last show from MEC where we looked at all the great new and upcoming end user email experiences with Steve Chew, many Exchange admins were asking, “What’s in it for me and what’s new for admins?” Given the Exchange theme of the conference and the technical acumen of the those in attendance, we decided to take on this topic Top 10 style and admittedly, we geek out a bit more than many of the Garage Series shows as we count down our favorite new features.

So this show is dedicated to you, the Exchange admin. We explain not only all of the important features in Exchange Server 2013 SP1, but also how the changes evolved from Exchange Online in Office 365 and where hybrid capabilities like Azure RMS can be used in tandem with Exchange – whether you are deployed on premises or in the cloud. The construct of a Service Pack itself doesn’t really apply in the same way to Office 365 these days and what’s contained in a Service Pack is now a lot more than just a roll-up of KB’s, so we talk about that and more. But without giving everything away, you’ll need to check out the show and see what tops our list.

The Garage Series Live! is coming to TechEd Houston next week! 

If you’re coming to TechEd next week, you can be part of our live studio audience, take in some great shows from the experts behind the tech and even have a chance to win prizes at each and every show. We’re excited to bring a stellar cast of experts from Microsoft and beyond to tackle the most top of mind topics for Office 365 and the cloud. We have a huge line-up of shows from the Office expo floor:

TechEd Garage slide

Monday, May 12

11:30 What’s new in the world of apps for Office? (Jeremy + Richard diZerega)

12:00 Moving to an online world and what it means to you as an IT pro (Jeremy + Curtis Sawin)

12:45 Quick Tour and Review of Office 365 (Jeremy + Julia White)

6:30PM Office 2010 vs. Office 2013 Review with Paul Thurrott

7:30PM Under the Hood, Continually Safeguarding your Data in the Office 365 Service  (Jeremy + Matt Swann)

Tuesday, May 13

11:30 What’s new in the world of Exchange and SP1 for admins – Top 10 (Jeremy + Bharat Suneja)

12:00 User identity: the gateway to Office 365 (Jeremy + Paul Andrew)

12:30 Codename Oslo: Next Generation discovery and search, letting information find you (Jeremy + Cem Aykan)

12:30 What’s new in the world of Exchange and SP1 for admins – Top 10

1:00 Under the hood: Exploring the Information Security and Compliance Fabric of Exchange  (Jeremy + Asaf Kashi)

Wednesday, May 14

11:30 Continuous Innovation and Change Management with Office 365 (Jeremy + Jake Zborowski)

12:00 What’s new in the world of apps for Office? (Jeremy + Richard diZerega)

12:30 Public cloud security: architecting a secure multitenant environment with Mark Russinovich

1:oo  Moving to an online world and what it means to you as an IT pro (Jeremy + Curtis Sawin)

4:30 Best of TechEd 2014 with Paul Thurrott

Thursday, May 15

11:30 Calling all Office Developers: What’s new, different and better with the new App Model (Jeremy + Jeremy Thake)

12:00 Office 365 ProPlus under the hood with updates to Click-to-Run  (Jeremy + Curtis Sawin)

12:30 What’s new in the world of Exchange and SP1 for admins – Top 10 (Jeremy + Bharat Suneja)

More to come…

Next time we’ll invite back Curtis Sawin to share and demo new admin features for Office 365 ProPlus and Click-to-Run.

See you then,

-Jeremy Chapman

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By day, Jeremy Chapman works at Microsoft, responsible for optimizing the future of Office client and service delivery as the senior deployment lead. Jeremy’s background in application compatibility, building deployment automation tools and infrastructure reference architectures has been fundamental to the prioritization of new Office enterprise features such as the latest Click-to-Run install. By night, he is a car modding fanatic and serial linguist. Bharat joined Microsoft on a mysterious day between the end of March and beginning of April 2008. He’s a Senior Technical Writer in the Exchange Customer Experience (CXP) team, responsible for content related to Compliance (Archiving, Retention, eDiscovery, In-Place Hold), Security, and Search. Bharat is a former Exchange MVP, current MCT, MCSE (+Messaging +Security), MCITP. He is the coauthor of Exchange Server 2007: The Complete Reference (Osborne McGraw-Hill), and publishes Exchangepedia blog.