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Spice up your Access app with apps for Office

Apps for Office are custom add-ons you can plug into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SharePoint to add powerful features. Today we’re introducing the ability to add apps for Office to Access apps, the online databases you create in Access 2013.

You can use an app for Office to integrate data from outside services in your Access app, such as reading stock prices. Apps for Office can also display the data in your Access app visually, such as on a map, in a chart, or in a graph. In this video, we show an example app used to track concession sales data across the U.S. Then we plot the data on a Bing map for quick analyses by inserting the Access Bing Maps app for Office into the Access app.

Map your data with Access apps.

For a much more detailed run-through of Access apps and how apps for Office plug into them, watch the webcast presented by Access team members Gary Devendorf and Andrew Johnson: Apps for Office Comes to Access Web Apps.

For help creating an Access app and then adding an app for Office, check out these links:

— Matt Evans

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