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Jeremy Thake is a senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Development team.

As an Office platform developer, you have access to a variety of resources to help you build business solutions on top of the rich set of services available to you. Your first stop should most definitely be, which is the landing page for everything you need to know! In this post we want to highlight some of the great resources that are now available to you.

Code samples from MSDN

In coordination with our team of content creators, who create all of the documentation in the MSDN Library for API references and how-to articles, we have released a great set of code samples around the Contoso theme. These samples have video walk-throughs that discuss the design decisions made throughout the development process, along with some interactive presentations to help you make decisions as you build your own apps.

Create apps for Office with MSDN code samples for the Office Developer Platform.

In addition to these code samples from MSDN available in the Office Developer Center, there is an Apps for SharePoint sample pack that has over 100 sample Visual Studio projects for scenarios for developing on top of the Office Developer Platform. These samples highlight the power of the App Model and give great real-world examples of the CSOM and REST APIs.

Patterns & Practices samples

Patterns & Practices samples, formerly Office AMS, are maintained by our internal teams at Microsoft. People from our Office 365 Customer Experience Program and our Microsoft Consulting Services division lead the charge on providing patterns and practices based on experiences from real-world deployments across the globe.

The team has a large road map of samples they are publishing based on the priorities they see in the field. The first few they targeted were around site provisioning, branding, user interface enhancements, composite business applications, and search scenarios. Currently over 20 Patterns & Practices samples are available and more are being added every quarter! You can access them at

Open-source sample projects

The Android SDK and WikiPedia App for Office were the first sample projects to be open-sourced on For TechEd North America 2014, we published all code samples that were presented during the sessions in our area, and we plan to make code samples for future Microsoft events available here too. Each of the samples has a readme file to help you understand the design decisions made and the key features.

Microsoft Open Technologies logo

The WikiPedia App for Office was open-sourced by Microsoft Open Technologies in April 2014. The app aims to help Microsoft Office users quickly access Wikipedia content from within Word 2013 and Excel 2013, greatly simplifying the process of referencing text and images.

Microsoft open-sourced the Wikipedia App for Office on GitHub.

Recently we released two other open-source samples on GitHub. The Campaign Manager Android App demo that was presented during the SharePoint Conference 2014 keynote has been enhanced based on feedback from the community and is now open-sourced on GitHub. This sample is a great resource that demonstrates how to leverage the Android SDK.

We also released a new SharePoint Hosted App built with AngularJS that SharePoint MVP Andrew Connell put together and that Jeremy Thake presented at TechEd North America 2014. You can watch this session on Channel9.


We encourage you to use these SDKs and code samples, and also to enhance them and submit your pull requests to us to review! If you would like a GitHub Repo to contribute your own code sample, please email

Let us know

We’re continually looking for feedback from you on all aspects of the Office Developer Platform. Please take the time to submit your suggestions and campaign in the community to get the votes up on UserVoice.

If you have questions about developing on our platform, please feel free to ask them on StackOverflow using the [ms-office], [sharepoint], and [office365] tags.

We’re excited to see what business solutions you build with these new enhancements! To find out more about the Office Developer Platform, please visit

—Jeremy Thake