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OneNote on Surface Pro 3 in education: Writing, annotating, sketching, highlighting and drawing

Today, the Surface team announced an exclusive first look into the use of Surface Pro 3 in education. The 1:1 device-to-student vision of their IT Director, Rob Baker, at the Cincinnati Country Day School (CCDS) has created an environment in which the devices and services blend seamlessly into the learning process, enabled in large part by OneNote’s organization, collaboration and digital inking capabilities experienced on the Surface Pro 3. Check out the video here:

Organize and collaborate

OneNote provides students at CCDS one central place to aggregate research and notes, organize them in a way that makes sense to them, and collaborate in real-time with other students and their teachers. OneNote is like a subject notebook with limitless pages: Students can create as many subjects and pages as they need, and the program automatically saves whenever they write or type. Teachers set up a shared notebook for a class, enabling all student work and teacher feedback to be exchanged automatically, again, in one place. Each student has an OneNote notebook that’s connected to the teacher’s class notebook. Labs, notes, and homework can be viewed anytime to make corrections or suggestions with less back and forth and more ease of grading an entire class.

Digital inking

Students have the flexibility to write by hand using the stylus, type, record audio/video of lectures, snap a picture or clip research from the web, and OneNote saves it all. Then they can find their notes in any form with OneNote’s powerful search across all their notes. According to Baker, “Writing, annotating, sketching, highlighting and drawing are huge parts of the teaching and learning process,” and the Surface Pro 3 pen with OneNote enables it with accuracy across an entire digital canvas. “I’ve noticed no difference from writing on paper,” says Upper School Math teacher Jamie Back. Baker was convinced long ago that the Windows platform with Office apps, and especially OneNote combined with digital inking, was the best technology platform to support student creativity, and he has not wavered.

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