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Collaborating on an Office document in the web? Office Online is your obvious choice

I agree with Benjamin Park, a senior at the University of Michigan. Have you ever planned a family reunion, organized a charity event with a group of volunteers, or worked with other parents to develop a proposal for improved traffic safety in your neighborhood? When you have a project that calls for collaboration, you want an experience that will make your job easier, not more difficult. You want to finish the work fast and get on with your life.

Familiarity of Office – Office Online offers the familiar Office experience that you already know how to use. It includes hundreds of Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates so you can go from nothing to something with just a click. The familiar Office ribbon allows you to access most common commands. And now the Tell Me capabilities help you easily find the features you need. Let’s face it, when you’re collaborating on an important project, the last thing you need is a learning curve.

Real-time coauthoring on Office documents – For years, users have collaborated on Office documents in a variety of ways. For example, multiple users could leave comments within Office documents and use “Track Changes” to show edits and updates from others. With Office Online, you now have a dynamic way of collaborating with several users. Users can now edit the Office document simultaneously and you can see the changes being made in real-time. And the best part is Office Online automatically saves your documents in the cloud.

Keep file formatting intact – Many of you complain that when you use Office documents in Google Drive, it gets converted to a non-standard document format. Once converted, you lose the formatting of your documents. The fonts look different, the whole layout of the document is different. A lot of your painstaking work is suddenly undone, forcing you to repeat tasks you thought were finished. With Office Online, it doesn’t matter which browsers the individual members of your group are using, everyone can make as many changes and suggestions as they want without worrying about losing the Office file fidelity or the document formatting.

Watch the videos for Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online to learn how users can be more productive by collaborating using modern Office experience on the web.

Start using Office Online today!

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