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Lync Room System June Update now available—new Room PC View!

David Groom is a senior program manager for Skype.

We continue to see incredible customer interest in Lync Room System (LRS). LRS has been in the market less than a year, and already partner solutions are available in more than 43 countries, from over 5,000 resellers. Also, many Fortune 100 Customers have deployed LRS, including large enterprises in oil, banking, beverages, shipping, technology, and pharmaceuticals. With all this interest, we’re excited to share the latest updates for Lync Room System.

Starting with this update, we’re adopting a new versioning method, changing the version number from “15.xx” to “15.xx.x.” For example, the June Update is “15.10.0.” Under the old model, it would have been “15.10.” This new versioning method allows for greater granularity in the case that minor updates are pushed.

Room PC View

Apart from the usual fixes and minor updates, the June Update contains one major new feature, Room PC View. We added Room PC View to add functionality to improve the content capture experience for a computer that is always connected in the Lync Room System.

The LRS content capture feature was originally designed to activate and share the screen when the content capture cable was connected to a laptop, and then deactivate when detached. But after shipping we noticed that some users wanted to hard-wire the content capture cable connection to an in-room, always connected PC. Designing for this use was challenging, because in this scenario the room PC remains on and continuously broadcasts a signal to the content capture card, forcing the content capture session to be always active and visible in the pre-meeting state. We knew that some users would not want the content capture session to be visible before a meeting, particularly in a one-screen, front-of-the-room (FoR) scenario, where the person using the room never sees the FoR calendar.

Our solution? We created a Room PC View button on the console that controls the display of the in-room PC screen share. If you want the screen share to display in the room, you can turn the button on; if you want to keep the screen share from displaying, turn the button off.

The Lync Room System June Update includes the new Room PC View feature.

This feature is optional. System admins can control whether the Room PC View button is present or not by toggling it on or off in the admin UI. If you’re not using a hard-wired in-room PC, the system admin can go into the admin UI and turn off Room PC View, which hides the Room PC View button and returns the LRS to the original content capture experience. Views and options vary depending on your configurations.

Try out Room PC View in the 15.10.0 update. We hope you find it useful!

You can find the full LRS June Update (15.10.0) release notes here.

If you have System Center Operation Manager installed to manage LRS, please visit the related knowledge base article to see if there are any prerequisites for installing the update.

David Groom

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