Passion for Service: L.A. County Chooses Office 365

L.A. County chooses Office 365
Photo Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page

When we talk about technology that enables people to do more, the County of Los Angeles has made a move that brings this notion to life. The County is rolling out Office 365 to more than 100,000 employees, whose responsibilities span public safety, operations, and health and human services. In all, over 30 departments will make the move. This is an exciting step for the most populous county in the country, and helps make its workers more connected and productive from wherever they’re called to serve the residents of L.A. County.

In just the past year, L.A. County provided care to 820,000 people in its hospitals and clinics; assisted in the successful adoption or return of 35,000 animals; served 2.3 million meals to the elderly; filled 33,081 potholes and repaired over 220 miles of public streets; and assisted 1,500 local small business through building improvements and micro loans.

Now, with Office 365, L.A. County Sheriff officers will be able to access critical paperwork from connected devices while on patrol. Nurses providing vaccines in schools and underprivileged areas across the County can better communicate their resource needs with teammates from anywhere – untethered to the office. Social workers, who investigated 87,000 cases of suspected child abuse or neglect this past year, can leverage social tools and have real conversations that drive solutions from the field.

The County saw Office 365 as an opportunity to modernize its current systems, greatly reduce costs and enable mobile employees to be more productive. But not just any cloud service would do. Dr. Robert Pittman, Chief Information Security Officer for the County of Los Angeles, sums it up: “Office 365 provides the level of security and built-in compliance for HIPAA and CJIS that we require.” From marriage licenses to inmate paperwork, sensitive documents can’t afford to be compromised. Office 365 gives L.A. County the highest level of privacy and security afforded by any enterprise cloud service available today.

With this move to the cloud and Office 365, L.A. County’s CIO Richard Sanchez and Dr. Pittman have shown true vision and leadership among government organizations across the country. They recognize what’s possible, and they’re empowering their employees with technology that will not only transform the way they work, but ultimately up-level their impact.