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Students can be more organized and collaborative with OneNote

We all know that students today excel at using their devices and apps on them.  But using this technology to be more organized and collaborative in the classroom isn’t naturally ingrained in most. OneNote is a great app for any device a student brings to class that will build good habits that will last past the time the final bell rings.

The familiar notebook structure of OneNote makes the transition from paper to digital easy for students. The ability to have everything stored in a single place, in an editable, hierarchical format (notebooks, sections, pages, sub-pages, etc.) allows each student to get organized in a way that makes sense for him or herself.

In 1-to-1 classrooms, OneNote gives students the ability to take notes they can easily index and save for continued reference. In classrooms where teachers are presenting with OneNote, they can share their notebooks with students so the class can easily follow the lesson and work problems alongside the teacher.

But OneNote’s usefulness isn’t limited to 1-to-1 classrooms. Students with a computer or tablet can take notes in class directly into their own OneNote notebook. Or, students can take a photo of the classroom whiteboard and save it to OneNote using Office Lens.

On touch-enabled Windows devices, OneNote lets students use the inking feature to handwrite directly into OneNote with a stylus. This function is incredibly helpful in math and science classes that feature a lot of problems, formulas, and diagrams. in an easily editable, collaborative environment. With a shared OneNote notebook, student teams can add to the shared notebook on their own time, or work together in real time from school, library, or home.

ON_Blog_Student_InkingStudents can work together to study, write and edit papers, and research group projects in an easily editable, collaborative environment. With a shared OneNote notebook, student teams can add to the shared notebook on their own time, or work together in real time from school, library, or home.

It’s easy to share OneNote notebooks with teachers or classmates, even if they don’t have OneNote themselves. Notebooks can be easily shared through OneNote Online in a browser and pages can easily be emailed or shared through a number of third-party applications, or can be sent to a printer if hard copies are needed.

And, once students are introduced to OneNote, they often begin using it outside of class. At Cary Academy, students on the robotics team created a shared OneNote notebook detailing the progress of the robot they were building for a competition. It was rare for all the team members to be able to meet together so students were each adding to the build on their own schedule. The notebook allowed everyone to know immediately what had been done so they could pick up and continue without missing a beat (or part).

For organization, note-taking, and collaboration, OneNote is the best option for students. Windows devices, particularly the Surface Pro 3 tablet, allow for the most natural note taking, both when typing and hand writing with the inking function.  Download OneNote today on all your devices at and see how it can help you or your students become more organized, better note takers and collaborators, and more successful in and out of the classroom.


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