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Microsoft 365

What’s new: June 2014

Improvements to Office 365 in June focused on updates for Lync, such as enhancements to Lync for Mac and Lync Room System, as well as on new OneNote tools, extensions, and partnerships. Another big update for Office 365 for business subscribers was the release of the Office 365 road map, which helps inform customers about upcoming updates before they become available. Leave us a comment to let us know what your favorite new feature is. If you missed last month’s updates, see May’s What’s new.

Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home, and Office 365 University updates:

OneNote and NeatConnect – NeatConnect scanner lets you send your physical documents, images, receipts, you name it to OneNote without even needing a computer.

OneNote Clipper for Chrome – a new Chrome extension for OneNote clipper.

OneNote migration tool for Springpad – Springpad shutdown. You can move your notes from Springbad to OneNote with this handy tool.

Office 365 for business updates*:

Yammer conversations in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online – Document conversations enable people to share their ideas and expertise around Office documents, images, and videos right from within the content they are editing or reviewing. It creates a side-by-side view of the document and the associated Yammer conversation.

Lync for Mac update – Lync for Mac added support for E911 and location awareness, dynamic video selection, and better file sharing. The update also improved performance for desktop and video sharing.

OWA for Android available on select devices – A pre-release of OWA for Android is available in the Google Play store.

Lync Room System update – Room PC View is a new feature that enables admins to configure the Lync Room to share the built-in PC screen.

Office 365 admin updates – Two new updates simplify the admin experience. First, Office 365 has added support for generic top-level domains in the admin center. Second, there are new reports showing which devices and browsers users are using to access Office 365.

Improving visibility to service updates – Office 365 is releasing the Office 365 road map to keep customers better informed about upcoming updates to their service. Office 365 is also rolling out the First Release option, which admins can enable to put their subscription at the front of the queue for certain Exchange Online and SharePoint Online updates.

1 TB for OneDrive for Business customers rolling out in July – OneDrive for Business subscribers will see the 1 TB increase begin to roll out during July.

Power Query updates – Six improvements became available in June: support for “Whole Number” column type, additional transformations from the ribbon, aggregate column dialog, additional Time/Date filters, improved navigator with refresh Tree and Function invocation, and cache management options.

Office 365 developer updates:

Open XML SDK goes open source – Open XML SDK enables developers to create Office documents programmatically. Now you can contribute to the project directly on GitHub.

Please note that some of the updates may take time to show up in your Office 365 account, because they’re being rolled out to customers worldwide.

Andy O’Donald @andyodonald



*Not all updates apply to every Office 365 plan; please check the individual post for specifics.

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