Mod and OneNote sync notes on paper to the cloud

Jon Wheatley is co-founder of Mod

We are excited to announce the new partnership with Mod, a paper notebook that syncs to the cloud. Now you can sync your hand written notes that you take in Mod with OneNote. From a student taking notes in class to a composer writing notes to a song to architect sketching out floor plans, a paper notebook provides a natural place for capturing ideas. OneNote is the one place to bring together those ideas in one digital destination to be organized into a larger portfolio or shared with others. Take a look at the video to see how we are bridging the two worlds:

For some people who are not yet ready to move to an all digital world, nothing beats the tactile feedback of pen and paper, but when it comes to access and storage, digital has many advantages. With Mod and OneNote, you can have the best of both worlds. Take your notes on paper, and then save them forever in the cloud to be accessed across devices.  It’s not practical to carry around all of your old notebooks with you but you never know when you’ll need to reference some important piece of information that you wrote down months before in an old notebook. Now with Mod and OneNote all of your hand written notes are accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Learn more about Mod notebooks today on our website:

-Jon Wheatley

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